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  • Kevan Scott

    My disdain for Fox is boundless. It is not a newschannel it sa propaganda channel. Nice to see that T. Carlson apologized though. Now if Fox would just apoligize for all the deception and lies they have told the American people for the last decade or so I just can’t understand how in good conscience these Fox news people can deceive the American people into voting for candidates and issues that go against their own self interest. They have made America a much less place to live in since R. Murdock brought his propaganda machine to America.

  • Kevan Scott

    One other thing Ms. Marco it is not a brutal thing to see that English cardinal resign. He was the epitome of hypocrisy slamming gays when preaching and then preying on other preist’s and encouraging them to accept his gay advances. To be clear, I’m for gay rights equality for them is a very good thing, but I absolutely hate the hypocrisy of anyone who has been so feverent against gay rights while pursuing the gay lifestyle himself. Doesn’t help the churches image much since I’m guessing some of these allegations were known by the Vatican long ago and he still was appointed a cardinal by the Vatican and the pope. I’d suggest that the Catholic church begin to clean up it’s own messes before criticising others.

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  • Michael

    I wanted to print out the bracket form on paper. I voted but couldn’t print out a bracket to share voting with others in the office. Does anyone out there know how to print one out? Reach me @ mew@johnnagle.com