Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress takes veiled swipe at Tim Tebow

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Senior pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas. RNS photo courtesy First Baptist Church in Dallas.

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(RNS) After evangelical icon Tim Tebow canceled his scheduled appearance at First Baptist Church in Dallas because of controversial remarks made by senior pastor Robert Jeffress, the pastor appeared to fire back at the New York Jets quarterback in his Sunday sermon.

  • jeb

    Tebow chose to be “politically correct” and separate himself form a preacher that dares tell the TRUTH!

    He gets on the field and makes a show of “praying” (even though the Bible teaches that prayer should be a private thing) and is looked at like a hero.

  • Paul Y Stephens

    I keep reading these writers saying “Pastor Jeffress has made some controversial remarks”.
    Lets see he has said that Mormonism is a cult. It is.
    Homosexuality is a sin. It is.
    Muslims are going to hell. They are.
    So where’s the controversy?
    Jesus said no one comes to the father except by me.
    The Bible says Jesus is the ONLY begotten. Sorry Mormonism.
    The scripture says along with adultery and fornication, homosexuality is a sin and must be confessed and repented of in order to be saved.
    Anyone, no matter what religion must believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths that Jesus is Lord in order to be born again.
    Jesus said you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
    The phrase “must believe with your heart and confess with your mouth”, in its original Greek means to believe something in a way as to devote your life to that belief. You cannot say you believe something in this way and not live it out each day.
    The scripture says “behold all thing are passed away and all thing have become new”, “you are a new creation in Christ Jesus”.
    This is the meaning of born again.
    As for as Pastor Jeffress beliefs and statements he is just saying and teaching the Bible the way God spoke it. If you can’t agree with scripture, thats fine that’s your choice, but you can’t get to be a child of God if you are not willing to live by his word.
    You either surrender to his authority or you live under your own. You either become born again are you stay lost.
    As the Bible says you are either for him or against him, there’s no in between.
    “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except by me”.
    I realize that absolutes like this are no longer fashionable in today’s society but I’m afraid God doesn’t care much for being fashionable. To quote him, ” I Am the same yesterday, today and forever I change not”. (God)

  • Carl Cezon

    Jeffress and his evangelical friends are going to hell for perverting the Gospel, for their lies, and for all their philandering and hypocrisy. Ye shall know them by their fruits – we sure do. How many sex scandals involving “bible-believing” pastors do we have to have before these sheeple wake up and figure out that evangelicalism comes from the pit of hell? Degenerates like Jeffress will reap what they sow.

  • Ken Wenz

    Do you believe the Bible?
    Where is Jeffress perverting the Gospel?
    Where are the lies?
    Sources/documentation please.

  • Doc Anthony

    I can understand and even support Tim Tebow’s decision in this case. But let’s be honest — Dr. Jeffress has a significant point as well.

    When it gets to the point that Christians allow gay activists, non-Christians and libbie pundits to dictate to them what CHURCHES they are going to speak at or not, that’s a bridge too far. We’ve already watched Rev. Louie Giglio cave in under unfair and unjust pressure; we don’t need to see Tim Tebow doing the same thing. Somebody around here needs to stand up and fight Goliath already.

  • SAM

    This so called preacher does satans work. He hides behind his ** bible ** to bash all other religions . Do your homework and dig deeper into what this mouth of satan is saying .

  • SAM

    Well not this so called pastor . Jesus preached Loved. This man preaches hate for all other religions he doesn’t like he calls them a cult. Learn some history on this idiot .

  • Paul Y Stephens

    I know exactly what Pastor Jeffress is saying and has said. He is preaching the gospel. The problem is that society no longer wants to hear the gospel. They no longer want to worship a God that is Holy. They have instead created a god in their own image, thus it is idolatry. God does not ask us our opinion, and that’s a good thing since it changes like the wind. God wishes that all would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, but He does not compromise the process to do so. Salvation is surrendering ones will to that of God’s. That’s what it means to believe.
    We have morphed the gospel into some socially palatable placebo that no longer condemns sinful behavior and lacks any ability to cleanse of from it. You will never be delivered from your sin if you do not know you are a sinner. To be saved you must first realize you are lost. This is a lesson much of the churches have forgotten.
    Pastor Jeffress is calling out the lies of this world that their are many paths to God. There isn’t. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father EXCEPT by me”. To hide this truth from the world by not preaching it, you prove that you have no love for them.
    You say Pastor Jeffress is evil because he tells the world that their other religions will not save them. Well they will not. To tell them anything else would not be love as you suppose love to be, but hate instead. Because you would be purposely lying to them. Knowing the truth and then withholding it from someone is hate. Knowing the truth that will allow them to come into Gods saving grace and then telling them, don’t worry be happy, is hate.
    The gospel was not meant to be something polite that would not offend anyone. Quite the opposite is true. The scripture said it would offend. Sin must be offended before repentance can take hold. Repentance must happen before salvation will occur. If you have been taught anything else then you have been taught a lie.
    We must speak the truth of the gospel. We must do it in love. We hate the sin but love the sinner. The question here is what does loving the sinner mean and how do you tell someone that their sin is offensive to God in love. If my young child were playing with a loaded gun, I would not sit back and say well if that is what they want to do then who am I to object. No I would do everything in my power to stop them and save them from the danger. Why? Because I love them.
    If we love the world we have to tell them that their man maid religions and sinful lifestyles that oppose the will of God are going to kill them. We need to do everything in our power to let them know they are playing with a loaded gun. That is TRUE LOVE.
    You can keep your god that has not the power to save but allows me to feel good about myself, and I’ll keep the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob who by the power of the blood of Jesus can not only save my soul for eternity but also deliver me from my sin while still on earth. I know Pastor Jeffress and his heart and it is not to hate but to love. TRULY LOVE.

  • JB

    I personally think Tebow lacked the spiritual maturity to understand the nature of the decision he made. I think when you have a very public platform and make bold declarations of faith, you better stand tall or don’t stand at all.. In saying this I believe there is God’s grace and mercy when we compromise, but don’t make a habit of perverting God grace. When discussing this with a fellow believer the issue at hand is he I felt he compromised something we all do but ours tend to be handled more privately and the correction is handled privately but this was done in a public manner and received the public’s attention. Tebow is a fellow brother in my opinion and that shall not change. But I do believe he should take heed to decisions like this because he will have to make many more being in the public eye like he is. I like Mr. Stephens comments above because the American Church has gotten away from doing the very thing Luther did in his day… And we praise Luther for his efforts. The scripture that I PERSONNALY reflect on relating to this is 2 Corinthians 2:14-17-14 But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place. 15 For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing; 16 to the one an aroma from death to death, to the other an aroma from life to life. And who is adequate for these things? 17 For we are not like many, [d]peddling the word of God, but as from sincerity, but as from God, we speak in Christ in the sight of God.

  • Paul Y Stephens

    Well said.

  • Larry G. Gray

    So, what’s the problem with Dr. Jeffress’ comments? All he is doing is echoing the Holy Scriptures. Tebow is seeing his NFL career slip through his hands, all because of some religious bigots trying to shove him into the shadows. So, Tebow is caving in to the PC world in the hopes of gaining some level of favor with the powers that be in pro football. Has to be the reason. Hurrah for Dr. Jeffress for adhering to the Truth!!!

  • CountryCrock

    One of the most arrogant, condescending people I have ever known and I have been working with Baptist preachers over 40 years. What a hypocritical embarrassment to Jesus. What an ignorant, non-discerning congregation. First Baptist Wichita Falls was glad to get rid of him after he demolished historical buildings and put the congregation in debt with a new building that they are struggling to pay for. Sad, sad, sad man.

  • Kyle Thierry

    I agree completely with everything you said and I watched the video above and it sure seems like he is a great man doing GOD’S work as the bible is written, the problem is I was going to leave a different comment until I did a little research and discovered I was seemingly mistaken about this man. I (as I think everyone else is) was confusing him with the Westboro Baptist Church and its pastor that has its congregation stand out in the streets with signs that read “GOD hates fags” and also protests military funerals etc. I believe that this is another media driven hateful attempt to smear GOD and Godly people. GOD does not hate gay people, GOD loves all people but hates SIN. I also believe that Tim Tebow IS an example of how we should all live and quite possibly DID have a legitimate reason to cancel when he was to speak. Tim Tebow is the only one who knows the reason he did. Perhaps we should all take a step back, take a deep breath, and stop judging others and look in the mirror…”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” comes to mind. It seems these days that people are so ready to believe anything hateful about Christianity that the media only need run a simple uninformed story to uninformed people and all hell breaks loose. LET GO and LET GOD !!

  • Roger

    Although I have not heard him speak, Mr. Jeffress’s views may be biblical. However, I am reminded of the story of the women caught in adultery. Jesus looked down in the sand to preserve her dignity. Who are you, the guy looking in the sand or the guy holding the rock? Jesus Christ is Lord. Let’s let Him be our example. 1 Corinthians 11:1, Colossians 3:12, 1 Peter 3:15

  • Paul Y Stephens

    That is one of my favorite scriptures in the entire Bible, maybe because God has forgiven me of so much. Unfortunately I am to often reminded of how it is quoted. When the people brought the woman caught in adultery before him in order to fulfill the law as it was written Jesus reminded them all of their own sin and sent them away in shame. But the scripture doesn’t end there. Jesus told the woman two things, 1. Your sins are forgiven, and 2. Go and sin no more. To often we seek God’s forgiveness without repentance. God says to all of us when we ask from a repentant heart, your sins are forgiven. But to suggest that merely asking out of a guilty conscious without any intent towards repentance is enough is not only UN-Biblical but dangerous. When I cam to God so many years ago begging for his forgiveness when I had no intention of turning my life over to him and his will for me, I was wasting breath. Until I was ready to surrender my will over to his it was for nothing. When the day came that I said, father forgive me my sins and I give myself to you, he not only forgave me but saved me and delivered me in one fell swoop. God hates sin. Sin is anathema to God. He will never except sin. He will how ever save us FROM it. I will continue to tell people of God’s great love. “for while we were yet sinners Christ died for us”, but to teach God’s love apart from his ultimate judgement is not to teach his love at all but a lie that has not the power to deliver nor save. Thus it is not love at all but a false love lie wrapped in good intentions while condemning it’s victims to an eternal separation from God in hell.

  • Roger

    I absolutely agree. However, from your posts and from what I’ve heard from Pastor Jeffress, you both sound like the guys holding the rocks. Those with the stones were absolutely within the law God gave the Israelites. Jesus did say “go and sin no more” but not before He extended Himself to her with compassion. To preach love only and not deal with sin is, you’re right, very dangerous and NOT the gospel. However, we can drive people away from the cross when we never extend ourselves relationally and compassionately. I appreciate your zeal, Paul, and I appreciate how God uses all of us and our strengths to further His Kingdom.

  • db

    “The fact is you cannot talk [have a ministry] about the love of God. The love of God has no meaning whatsoever unless you understand the judgment of God that all of us deserve.”

    Jeffress seems to be saying that God’s love is conditional. Is it?

  • Paul Y Stphens

    Gods love is unconditional and proven by his sacrifice, however his salvation is.

  • Paul Y Stphens

    I understand your point and I suspect for Pastor Jeffress as is for myself that we display Gods love for everyone in our lives everyday through our actions no matter what state they may be in spiritually. As Christians we are expected to do so. I have never judged a mans soul and never will but I also am obligated to preach the truth even when the truth is not pleasent. If you worship in a religion that does not believe that Jesus is the only way to the father then you worship a lie. I am obligated as a Christian to tell you that. You can ask my Muslim friends, my Mormon friends and my atheist friends and everyone to a man will tell you that I have told each the truth. Now I live it for them and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. None of them are offended by it. They all understand I do it because I care about them. They may not agree but they understand and appriciate my motives. I find that the people who are most often offended by the truth are Christians who don’t do the same. I am sure you believe what you do because you feel it is right. My only point is that the gods love will only be completely understood when we understand what the judgement for sin is. One outside of the context of the other is an incomplete picture.

  • pastor aaron wells

    I am a southern Baptist minister and I have heard many men of God over the years preach the gospel very accurately but that doesn’t mean anything they express or do outside of the church or even sometimes behind the pulpit is God’s word on the matter at hand. I think the Tebow call to withdraw from appearing should have been handled much more humbly by the man of God and certainly NO implication of Tebow’s manliness should have been declared from ANY pulpit anywhere. Here is something I do wonder about and that is why Dr.Jeffress is aired on daystar which is owned by Marcus and Joni Lamb. In closing none of us can walk in Tim’s shoes but I have much empathy for a man that has been attacked as he has and his actions are those of a man on his walk with Christ and not to be held to the standards of the man of God which is something that doesn’t get much attention in this day of the televangelist and mega-churches. Now send in that money and buy the latest book or maybe turn off the Tv and with a good reference Bible pray and study. God bless all brothers and sisters who avoid the baal and Jezebel spirits.

  • CountryCrock

    This story would not have been the big issue if Jeffress, a known media whore, had not himself continued to promote it, throwing doubt upon Tim’s reputation and integrity. Then Jeffress stands before his church, playing the “poor, little me” roll while the undescerning congregation of sheep give him a standing ovation, ignoring his sin of bearing false witness against his brother. I have been a member of FBC Dallas 27 years. Jeffress is just one more conformation that my moving out of the faith was the correct move. When “men of god” present a more godless behavior than nonbelievers, it’s easy to see there is no virtue in having faith. I would rather walk in integrity than walk in Jeffress’s brand of “loving God.”

  • Alice Smith

    Paul, thank you for contending for the faith! Your comments are so good that I’m planning on saving them. Your responses were solid Biblical teaching and right on target. God Bless you.

  • Alice Smith

    Carl, In what way has he perverted the Gospel?

  • Ronda

    How hypocritical and judgmental of you, Crock! Disagree with the MAN as you wish, but by your actions, you have apparently had doubts about your relationship with God long before Dr. Jeffress came on the scene at First Baptist. Our example is NOT Dr. Jeffress. It is JESUS CHRIST, and if ONE man, Dr. Jeffress, can so easily sway your faith in Christ, then I fear it was never very strong to begin with.

  • CountryCrock

    What’s hypocritical? The guy has a long history of causing unnecessary conflict and problems everywhere he goes. He is a publicity whore. Just ask the people in Wichita Falls where, among other things, got himself on TV regularly by such publicity stunts as trying to have a book removed from the library because he didn’t like the topic. (censorship) He was brought to Dallas with a specific agenda, to demolish all the buildings and build all new. He was brought to Dallas by three of his old school buddies at First Baptist. Then the building plan was presented to the congregation as “God’s will” for FBC. Deacons meetings were like cheerleading sessions with no room for questions, opposition or discension. And who is gonna argue with God’s will?

    He left FBC Wichita Falls in debt and with a dwindling congregation having problems paying for Jeffress’s construction job. First Baptist Church of Dallas still owes millions on the building program that Hawkins started before he left for palm trees and Florida sunshine. What’s hypocritical about pointing out the obvious?

  • CountryCrock

    God says, “I love you. But if you don’t submit to my rules, I’m gonna roast you like a never-ending human barbecue where the fire is not quenched and the worm never dies.”

    Such is love, eternal torture.

    Yes, salvation is by works, not the alleged “grace.”

  • Monika

    People call us haters just because we repeat Jesus words regarding sin..It is NOT about us is about Jesus and His Word. We are simply asking you to repent and turn your trust in Him..What’s so bad about that?

  • Frank pyrtle

    Look! Jeffers is a weenie…. Weenie….And the of Lake Fire and all the other abusive little stories in the so called word of god are rediculous..It’ Scary to think educated men and women can still buy into that crap..but Hitlers right hand man Himler said, Give me your children until they are 8 years old and they will always be communist..Nuff said….In other words you ignorant people…If someone tells you over and over those goofy stories of god growing up, that’s what your gonna believe…. Just ask the most self righteous woman on earth Suzanne Hull. [phone # deleted by moderator].. She’ll tell ya…. He’ll, she still believes in talking snakes too….Really??? But I understand…I was brought up being told the same lies.

  • CountryCrock

    When followers of Jesus start actually living like followers of Jesus, at least you won’t appear quite as phony as you do now. Regarding repentance and other such claptrap, it’s too bad you have so little personal integrity that you need to blame your prejudice on sky daddy. Then you berate those who see through the fallacy of the whole system.

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  • Swmp Foxx

    SAM, you Really NEED to read the Bible.