• Anthony

    Though I understand your frustration with the rather tawdry posts on Buzzfeed about the Pope, someone you highly regard, I think it is far less appalling than the harm the Pope and the Catholic Church has done to gay people (as you mention) and the furthering of seemingly christlike attitudes developing in modern society (total equality and inclusion for everyone). To some of us, the inability of the Church to come to terms with these truths that seem so obvious to the rest of us is almost laughable, and the Pope stands at the center of it all as the most visible head of organized religion. It’s hard to connect with silly things like funny hats and rings and chanting when you are a young secular person. Really, these posts should alarm you more because they are considered funny by many and I would wager, most young people. It points out how much despair the Church is in, and how much it needs to change. The Catholic Church does not have a good record on changing and changing quickly. Now that things are changing quicker than ever in the secular moral zeitgeist in terms of gay/women’s/human rights, the Church has an opportunity to become relevant and a provider of love, hope, and peace for everyone OR go down the tube with everyone pointing and laughing.

  • Ric

    Sigh…slouching, strike, SPRINTING towards Gomorrah…

  • Ralph

    Gay people have been doing greater harm to themselves than anyone, by trying to force on everyone else the idea that what they do is perfectly good and normal. In one thing, however, you are right. The Church is not good at changing quickly, as they teach timeless truths that nothing has to do with zeitgeist. Thus, while today it may seem anachronistic, in two or three generations it will be the evident shape of things to come.

  • tyler

    Gasp!!!! the Pope and Catholic Church are against gay marriage. I never knew this!!!
    Hey the Catholic Church at least acknowledges that homosexuality isnt a choice. I have never even really heard the church, pope, and priests say anything stupid like gays should be left on an island to die or anything like that. The Pope has merely only said (and never with harsh language) that gay marriage is incompatible with Christianity and its sacred definition of marriage. Thats it!!! And he thinks they should have pretty much all other rights. People make the Church seem like an evil bloodthirsty racist demon for just supporting its 2000 yo belief in traditional principles of marriage. Its pretty ridiculous and insulting to us to see people be so mean to an 85 yo man whose being attacked for just having contrary beliefs of someone.

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