• Nodhimmi

    WHEN will writers stop the obfuscation? ‘moderate’ Islam exists only when Islamists feel weak but now when emboldened, the truth emerges. It is common knowledge that 1. ALL the ‘kinder’ verses in the Koran are abrogated by later Medinan verses of violence and 2. At that time when the thug Muhammad was all powerful he morphed into the violent psychopath whose methods we see emulated in the M.E. & N. Africa right now.

  • KC Skeptic

    Not much of an improvement.

    Atheists who have gained political control of countries have killed Millions.

    The Muslims won’t have to change mucn.

  • Red Mann

    Ah, the old atheists as mass murderers lie. You are of course refering to the Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot type dictators. None of the deaths they were responsible for had anything to do with atheism, which is simply not believing in any god or gods. They killed for political reasons. Hitler was an avowed, commited, Catholic who claimed to be doing God’s work and praised Jesus. Stalin, who had studyed at a seminary, later reinstated the church. Mao’s religion was Communism and he saw religious belief as an impediment to his power. Pol Pot was just a ruthless killer who also worshiped Communism. Communism itself had all the trappings of a religion; dogma, saints and blind faith. None of what they did had anything to do with atheism ,which is non-political. How many throughout history have been slaughtered in the name of some god?

  • DVD Bach

    Compared with whom, the religious? Do you really want to count bodies?

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  • JohnnieCanuck

    What about the atheists who have gained political control of countries in Northern Europe? What’s holding them back from killing millions? Surely not morals. After all, only believers have morals. Morals which are instilled by their fear of eternal torture and the reward of eternal bliss. Without the carrot and the stick, what’s to keep them from committing travesties?

  • portgas d deist

    Im apostates of islam…but in my country? Well, like others, we’re only announce it to ourselves..although we have no death penalty for apostasy in islam at our country, but still, the death threat even from our own family, kinda hard for us..but im really dissapointed for the threat is coming from those who is muslim only from their name, fmly and id ccards only. ..i really hope someday, people like us, the apostates , can live in harmony n peace n same as before we’re an apostate..but who am i wants to fight with our government? I live in malaysia..n i choose to believe in god, but not any from religion that exist in this world…

  • The people that you speak of killed not for their Atheism, but rather, in spite of it. They were homicidal maniacs and history has recorded them well.

  • rick harms

    Religion does not create morals. I became an atheist because I was disgusted with the lack of morals and integrity of religious people, the people in the church in which I spent my chilhood. Where did I learn my morals? My parents. Have you actually read the bible, or any other religious document? They advocate murder and mayhem. Think.

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  • Martin Ellacott

    Stalin and Mao killed millions because of their political idealism, which had nothing to do with religion or lack there of.