• What happens if the voting in the Sweet Sistine is correct? Will white smoke issue from chimney at RNS Towers?

  • MK

    Interesting that you “force” the final choice to include only one Eropian. therefore causing a large margin for error if the actual voting is between two or three Eropians.

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  • Can I vote Sister Simone as a write-in?

  • gilhcan

    Depends on the outcome of the vote, right? For whatever reason, what matters in this time of greater literacy and information among presumed Catholics concerning the history of their church, its clergy, especially in current events, there are a lot of uncertainties. And you can be sure the political cardinals are just as concerned about those uncertainties as they are about the certainty of the claimed guidance of the Holy Spirit of their activities. Better not mess with the Holy Spirit–but look at your history. Teen-age cardinals, popes with illegitimate kids, indulgences and phony relics for sale to highest bidders, and more recently, the atrocities of the Vatican Bank that match anything on Wall St., NY, U.S.A.–or in Washington, D.C.

  • Daniel Burke

    We’re working on it, Mark.

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  • BBB

    Aww, sad to see that Bergoglio wasn’t even in the Sweet Sistine on this website!!

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