• Peter the Rock

    Why not just elect Obama? After all, he does aspire to become the dictator of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He seems to hate the Catholic church and Christianity in general and this would fit his plans to destroy religion totally.

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  • Bisnca

    Hope its not Turkson the gay hater and racist!!!! Look at his bio. Its scary!@@

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  • Steven

    If you look at Agenda 21 of a UN plan that focuses on world wide sustainment or world wide socialism – redistribution of wealth and land resources from the affluent countries to the needy, countries – you will see how Cardinal Turkson fits the plan. Africa has the largest growing population of young Catholic families. Africa is a third world country and loses lives daily due to lack of food, medicine, poor sanitation conditions, theft, murder, and a host of other modern issues to include genocide by their own hands. What better way to attend to their needs than to have a Pope that comes from that area; speaks the language; can tell other world leaders to stuff it and get away with it; and focus on a family value society that does not condone homosexuality, does not promote gay marriage; does promote conservative Christian familial conditions. It seems a good fit to have an true African Pope that “talks the talk and walks the walk” of this growing demographic in the RCC? Agenda 21 is a real program that is supported by the last 4 Presidents of the US and I believe the RCC. The individual US States as a whole do not support A21, but the Feds seem to support it. It is a consideration in these changing times.

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