• Peace2All

    “Free Will”… is certainly being debated in the field of Neuro-Science as to whether it really exists, and if so… how much do we really have, and… “Predestination” is definitely a wild philosophical speculative leap.


  • Rogue

    If the Bible is taken into consideration, God does not seem to be One who waits for us to collaborate. He often says “I will…” with great authority. If I take my own will into consideration, I would hope for a God who is much more decisive and more reliable in His decisions than I am. I would certainly agree that God is not a jerk. I would also hope that in as much as He is love, He would control all things. I have no problem yielding that to Him. Anything less is not God, but a god of my own making or forming. I prefer to be the clay, let Him be the potter.

  • Predestination explained??????