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  • John McGrath

    Why do you presume the new pope chose the name Francis after Francis of Assisi?

    It is just as likely that he chose the name after the Jesuit Francis Xavier,the great missionary to India and the East, perhaps indicating that the church has shifted to the south (him) and the east (his name), away from Europe to the lands that were once missionary lands but are now the core of the church.

    Actually, given who he is, he probably had both Francises in mind.

  • Dr frank-Collins Nnamdi Okafor

    I thank God for the successful succession to the throne of St. Peter. The Election of Pope Francis is a clear manifestation of how the Holy Spirit works. He emerged from nowhere and garnered a tremendous support against those that were front-runners. God is at work indeed. I’m happy too because my Patron Saint is the founder of His Holiness’ Order

    Frank-Collins Okafor PhD

  • GordonHide

    Well, given Francis’ conservatism I guess it’s more of the same and I guess that means further decline in Western 1st world countries.

  • Kevan Scott

    Good RNS roundup today! Marx said religion is the opiate of the people. How right he was about that. New Pope, same as the old Pope and true Christ things like feeding the poor clothing the naked, healing the sick etc will get futher ignored in this conservatism race to the bottom. As far as Graham and friends are concerned they’ll support the President yet in public excoriate him for being the socialist, Kenyan, liberal, which, to my and others dismay is simply not true. Then again, he has to work with withthese RWNJ’s and somehow keep this gov’t running in this sequestration nightmare on Main Street. I don’t envy him at all for that. If the Christ were here in America today he would be more than amazed that His church has so soon forgotten their first love and replaced it with a theology of hate towards anyone not like them. There, all better now! Thanks RNS for letting me vent a bit! Much better and I’ll even wish Pope Francis all the best!