• Jack

    Thanks Mike for reporting this. It is a new day for our faith.

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  • Dan Marsh

    Thanks for covering this. But just so you know, Cdl. Law was not honored with the post at St. Mary Major. He has been made pastor of that church upon being named a cardinal, since all cardinals are assigned a parish in Rome. Like most, as archbishop, he was too busy to actually serve in person in Rome, so a vicar was appointed for him. When he lost his job as archbishop, he simply went to work at his remaining job.

  • Fr. D

    Sorry, Dan – thats not correct. Cardinal Law’s Titular Church given to him in 1985 when he was made a cardinal by JP2 was Santa Susana. He was made Archpriest of Maria Maggiore by JP2 in 2004

  • Bob

    My recollection is that the MA AG did not have the courage to charge Cardinal Law, Cardinal Law did not have the courage to remain in Boston, and the Pope did not have the courage to reject Cardinal Law’s escape to Rome. Now, 17% of Catholics in Boston attend Mass with any regularity. It is time for Cardinal Law to return to Boston and confess to his sins. It is no longer a legal issue but a moral matter. How can he face his final days without making peace with his God?

  • Sam Schmitt
  • John

    National Catholic Reporter? I wouldn’t wrap fish with that rag.

    Don’t know if the incident is true, but a more heterodox source than the NCR is hard to find.

  • I pray that our new Pope insist we (American) Catholics keep religion out of politics.
    We won’t move our church forward if we don’t heed Jesus’s own words.

    Mark 12:17: Jesus said to them, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they marveled at him.

  • Steven Harper

    Right on, Peggy. American Catholics sound, at times, as politically shrill as any other conservative or liberal politicos. A measure of humility would help temper the noise. A larger measure of “veritatis splendor” would could be both catholic and Catholic.

  • David

    Please, please, PLEASE stop calling our pope “Francis I”. Obviously, until there is a “II”, he is just Francis.

  • Mark Schmittle

    I may be interpreting your post wrong, but if by “keep religion out of politics” you mean abandoning moral issues, that is about as vacuous a statement as can be made. Politics is about nothing if it is not about legislating the moral principles held by the people. Every law manifests some moral principle. As far as your quote from our Lord, he was teaching that we need to support and respect civil authority because it ultimately is derived from God. He was not speaking about keeping moral issues out of politics. Catholic social doctrine stresses that Christians have a grave moral responsibility to instill Christian moral doctrine into legislation to the degree they are able, even if this means no more than a vote.

  • Patrick Mullany

    You are reporting on fiction. Never happened. Cardinal Law and the new Pope are well known to each other. Cardinal Law was very active in South America as well as Cuba. He is no stranger to our new Pope.
    Boston will always linger on past history and interpret it the way in which they choose. Cardinal Law made mistakes in handling the abuse cases but so did the entire Church, including Rome. All of the cases Cardinal Law is held responsible for were first handled by Cardinal Mederos and sent to Rome for adjudication. Nothing was ever done in each case sent. Who do we blame? Cardinal Law? Why do you not write on the history of the real Cardinal Law and the work he did for social justice in the south; the work he did for the Vietnam refugees; his work with other faith based Priests in bringing them into the Catholic Church; and finally how he touched the poor in Boston and beyond.
    Cardinal Law never molested anyone but he used an ill advised method of handling Priests that broke the law. In hind sight, we would be better served if every case was referred to law enforcement and have the perpetrator face justice. Let’s look forward with the new Pope and walk in humility towards the forgiveness of sins of the past. Perhaps then the people of Boston will return to fill up the many vacant churches in their area.

  • James Gange

    Having read Cardinal Law’s deposition transcripts, I don’t see how you can not conclude he knowingly allowed predators to move from parish to parish, and knew the congregations would not be informed. There is a reason why he was removed while others were not. While I agree with you that there was a lot more to the crisis than Cardinal Law, his actions speak for itself.

  • Perhaps now that he’s relived of this onerous position he will be free to return here for a long, overdue visit.

  • Now that he’s relieved of his onerous position he’ll be freed up to come here for a long, overdue visit?

  • Wicked Red

    Is the news report true or not? As a Bostonian, I was almost clapping with the news, but was also not believing it as true fact. I hope it is true. I cannot imagine a smart man like Pope Francis deliberately visiting with Law. Just is not that “stupid”. So, if it is true, very nicely done. If not, shame on those who create these rumors!

  • hrh

    Thank you for that. Well said.

  • Bill

    Would such a move actually “right a wrong”?

    What a rather rambling and vindictive article this is.

    Superficial and sadly vindictive.

  • XVS

    People who think the pope would go to Santa Maria Maggiore to do anything that is not just go to pray to the Madonna, as he said he would the day he was elected, don’t really understand how a devout catholic feels and thinks. He was just thinking about his holy mother Mary and resorting to her help for his new huge reponsibility. And the suggestion alone of a reaction as described, that he said on the spot that cardinal Law was to be removed and “never come back to this church”, it’s just plainly ludicrous. He may remove Law, he may not. But if he does, he would never do it like that, as an impromptu reaction, and in such uncharitable way. I won’t defend cardinal Law, but just say that everybody makes mistakes. Some people seem to think that the way to deal with sin is to stone the sinner. Well that is not what our Master taught. I won’t defend him but I won’t be the one to hurl the first stone.

  • mariap1919

    I pray it’s true………Law should be banned and sent away for all the harm he did to the people of GOD and HIS PRIESTS. He lives in Luxury while his priests and victims do NOT!!!

  • Jim McCrea

    And how often do you lurk there? And why? If you don’t then how do you know so much about the NCR’s “heterodoxy?” Sounds as if you like a little masochism with your morning bile.

  • Karl Emrich

    You are the last person on earth with morals! Please shut the hell about and keep your righteous attitude and opinions to yourself. When you have the balls to have an affair with my wife and still go on about morals.. It’s disgustin!

  • Karl Emrich

    Mark Schmittle is a Catholic priest who is screwing my wife Angela Emric! He is disgusting and the last person who should say anything about morals!!!

  • Karl Emrich

    The church should tgrough you out on the street and excummincate you! Mark aschmittle is a rogue priest who can’t see his own crimes and sins against the Catholic Church and innocent victims!! Please help me to expose this monster!!

  • Thank you, Patrick Mullany. It is obvious you are concerned with the concept of truth. The Boston Globe wanted Candinal Bernard Law’s head on a platter long before 2002 for his steadfast pronouncements of Roman Catholic teachings. Knowing that it was homosexuality, not pedophilia, which was at the core of the problem within the ranks of the clerics, they spun the revelations – and continue to do so. The John Jay independent study put it in true perspective. Veritas!

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  • Claudia Johnson

    Bet you subscribe to national catholic register and still believe Fr
    Maciel deserves canonization.

  • Rosina San Paolo

    Michael, I accidently found your article “Consolation for Boston Catholics”. I am very glad that I did!
    I began working for, then, Bishop Law at the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese in 1973. It was hard to see him go but still, a joy to see him ordained as a Cardinal for the Catholics of Boston.
    Michael, you do NOT KNOW the man!!! You, and those like you who govern the press, continually write malicious things about him. You pour out all the uglness that your minds can conceive to pound his worth into fragmented pieces of cruel and ugly hate!
    Your article tore my heart apart and that horrible picture of this good man
    only added to your curel behavior.
    This is a “saint” that you berate. I am 90 years old and I am writing my autobiography. The title is “A Single Note”. I’ll let you know when I have it
    published and then you will read about this saintly man in my life and those in the Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau.

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