Charles has long been associated with Perennialist thinkers, and has supported their work with his prestige and perhaps with money as well. Examples are Nasr, mentioned above; the journal Sacred Web, and so on. His view therefore is that Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and the other great world revelations are at their highest levels saying the same thing; they are (in a favored Perennialist image or metaphor) “paths that lead to the same summit.”

    So to make too much of his fascination with Islam is simplistic, perhaps.

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  • Nonbloko

    “The story has raised rumors yet again about the heir to the British throne’s deep fascination with Islam.”

    The rumours about Charles go way beyond Islam. The man is unhinged. Any other person with his set of beliefs would be viewed as an eccentric, at best. Harmless. If we just ignore him, he’ll go away.

    I just hope the British establishment has the sense to skip a generation when the Queen dies.

  • Robert Cairns

    An interesting article but you seem to regard the terms “British” and “English” as interchangeable. Charles is heir to the British throne, but Queen Elizabeth I sat on the English throne.

  • Dear Robert, thank you for the kind words. Yes, I do think you’re right, and I went back and corrected it. My gratitude.

  • Norodin Lucman

    Prince Charles is a princely advocate of environment and protection of mankind’s natural habitats. To understand nature, one must be attached to Almighty God, the Master of the Universe, Lord of all living things.

  • AmerNaga Moner

    Europe, or the West, had ceased to
    be the center of Christianity esp.
    with the election of Francis I, from
    Argentina, as the pope. It is now
    North America and Africa where we
    find the most number of Christians
    esp. Roman Catholics. According to a
    priest recently interviewed, this is
    because of materialism and the
    excessive desire for wealth in the
    west which is not good for the faith
    of man in God. It means, in the west,
    the more affluent the people, the
    less spiritual they become.
    This is quite contrary to the situation
    of Muslims. The more affluent the
    Muslims, the more religmus or
    spiritual they become like in Saudi
    Arabia, iran, Malaysia,etc. It is when
    they are very poor like in
    Bangladesh, Mindanao, etc. When
    they cannot properly practice Islam.

  • Ibrahim kabir funtua

    Islam is not gona dominate only europe but all over the world. Despite critisms by the western world

  • WBC

    Any man with a wife that looked like Camilla would naturally want a religious justification for putting here into a burqua. Mystery solved.

  • honor

    Islam does not force itself upon people. It does not force people out of their lands. It rather shows the non-believers respect and freedom to practice their believe with condition that they do not blashemise The One God, then eventually the non believes gets atrracted to the true teachings of Islam.

  • honor

    ”What was so distinctive of the great ages of
    faith surely was that they understood, that
    as well as sacred texts, there is the art of
    interpretation of sacred texts – between the
    meaning of God’s word for all time and its
    meaning for this time.”

    Something you should cobsider before attemping to translate any verses from the Quran

  • Bhatti

    Sorry I mistakenly pressed ‘Report abuse’ under Marcia Zetterquit. There is no abuse.

  • Boinky head

    No he is saying that europians ARE muslims and so are the monarchy, and that we all are going to become muslims again. Oooh excited, I wonder which sect of islam we all shall follow (the state mosque) 🙂

  • Boinky head


  • mk

    Most likely sunni bc he is sunni. I wonder if it is going to be Sufism though?

  • DAN


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  • lou hodges

    yeah, well lots of religions have the same teachings as Islam, but Prince Charles is too much of a Jew Hater and a Christian hater to ask – he should step down and go get a job – maybe he could be an Imam

  • Ron Edelstein

    My thoughts exactly!! So funny, so true!!