Quote of the Day: Actress/producer Roma Downey

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“Both Mark and I have nothing but respect and love for our president, who is a fellow Christian.” – Roma Downey, the executive producer of The History Channel’s “The Bible” miniseries, denying with her husband and co-producer Mark Burnett that the actor playing Satan was meant to look like President Obama.

  • eumenis elenchoi

    Respect and love as long as you are a fellow Christian; what a benevolence.

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  • Baj

    I’m curious-if you are a Catholic, why did you depict Mary having such pain in childbirth? Did you use a Catholic Bible and Catholic priests as advisors for the Bible series? Did you produce Touched by an angel? Why wasn’t it Catholic? Why weren’t you married in Church by a priest? You actually support Obama? Yikes

  • Earl e bishop jr

    How can you be a supporter of Obama when it is established that he is not a christian. I was disappointed to hear that as a Christian you supported him.

  • Elody Elder

    Where is it noted or said that Barack Obama is not a Christian? He was brought up a Christian, so when did he change, if, indeed, he did?

  • Vicky

    Obama IS a Christian. That is a known fact. Do some research before you state false claims like that.

  • Kelly

    Mark –
    Roma –
    It’s Kelly again who has prayed and He says to me (Gay Woman) to be faithful and “PURE” to the Living word.

    Be careful – Satan is the “prince of this earth” as given to it from our God. He will try to twist this out reach into $$$$.

    I ask you both to be careful because they (Demons) and He is watching.

    I will continue to pray for your intentions and vision. Beware of the cath church where men are “Saved” by men. Not through the bl of Christ.


  • julie

    He may say he is a Christian but he is not. He suports abortion including partial birth abortion ans suports same sex marriage. He cannot possibly be a christia..

  • Cyndi

    Roma and Mark know exactly what they were doing having a devil as black and Jesus as white.  They shot the movie in Morocco in Africa and can only find a white guy to play a blonde haired Jesus! Seriously?  I  automatically didn’t like the show when I saw this so called Jesus, And after having a guy who resembles the president as the devil is an insult; I will NOT watch this if it were shown to me free!

    You have a white Jesus, then have a white devil!!! What this casting did was to make it obviously racist, thanks to Roma and Mark!!!

    Besides millions of people know that Jesus is not white but quite dark in color.

    I’ll pass on this show.





  • Lamar

    How can you say that Obama is a christian when he supports abortion and gay marriage.
    True bible beleiving christians don’t support this type of behavior because it is wrong.
    A true christian doesn’t hate people who do but we pray for them to turn from the errors of their ways………

  • Anonymous

    You call yourselves Christians ? You sound like Caiaphas! Bless Mark & Roma for using Godly wisdom. Continue to pray for our leaders. For its God who puts kings and removes them.

  • Dale

    The Bible says a Christian will be known by his fruit. It must be good fruit. Regardless of how Obama was raised or what beliefs he claims, he supports and is even attempting to administrate ideas that directly conflict God’s word. His fruit is evidence that he is not a christian, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Sandy

    Fyi Cyndi… the actor who played Jesus is Portuguese. As for the actor who played satan, he is not black but a highly acclaimed Morroccan actor and has played satanic characters before in other biiblical epics… as Roma Downey said “long before Barack Obama was elected as our president”. yes they made him look like a dark character, but not like a black man.

    The actor who played Sampson, a good guy, is black and so wasthe actress who played his mother… along with at least one angel and other actors in the scenes.

    This is much ado about nothing… a silly distraction and I thought it was gracious of Mark Burnett and Roma Downey to speak honorably and respectfully of our president whether or not a supporter…which I am not. We are instructed by the scriptures to pray for our leaders.

    So Cyndi you missed a good mini series by letting yourself get distracted by the Boloney!

  • Mike

    Thank you for such an accurate account of the Word of God!

  • es

    Fact? Obviously you know nothing about Obama, his religion, his ideology, or what the Christian faith is, he is not a Christian, and that is a fact.

  • es

    Obama is the most evil President ever to have held office, he is the abortion king, and he loathes Christ, he is a Muslim, and it is his deeds, not words that validate what the truth is!

  • harold

    seems the Burnetts (mark and roma) statement they claim President Soetoro is a Christian is part of political correctness… after all, they have something to sell … are we buying into it? theyhave made a fortune from this..

  • Diane

    Mark and Roma cannot be believers if they support Barack Obama, who, since he has been in office has tried everything to bring this Christian nation down. Examples: abortion at any stage of pregnancy, same-sex marriage, spying on conservatives, wiretapping leaders of other countries, and the list could go on and on. These film makers have financially supported this president, and as a Christian I truly would not support them. I think they better get back to the Bible and hear what God has to say. I’m sure he is shedding a tear.

  • James Hillis Ford

    With great horror, I read every last comment regarding Roma and Mark and everything in between. I sit in tears, again. I understand bigots, ignorant, blasphemous…and just cruel human beings spouting off such lies, character assassinations, blatant mockery of everything the USA is supposed to be about. Let me say these few things on behalf of Mark and Roma. They are devout Christians. If you look at Roma and her marriages one was an elopement, she was so young, one was annulled…finally meeting her match with Mark who had some of his own questions about faith…before he met Roma…he was good with God. Roma never professed to be a devout Catholic.. She identifies as Christian. Catholic maybe but she uses Christian Faith. Regarding the president, who attended Harvard with a sibling of mine…His friends called him Barry or BAR, my sibling was Baptist and she attended protestant churches around Harvard Sq, Cambridge or Boston area…and guess who was in church with friends and my family member? You guessed it, Mr President. To go further, if I may…I am probably a bit closer to Roma and her husband than most of you…and I also say…you can’t hurt them…I’m the wacko feeling bad every time I read your out of line, out of God…and you come from the hell you condemn others to…just the cruel way you like it. Diane…you sound paranoid, youre lying and you couldnt be further than being a Christian if you swung around on an upside down cross. Lamar…forget the prayer bull…hate as you claim is more honest. es, Julie, Cyndi and Dale…where have you recieved your info? Buttdumb Blog? Seriously. Oh, Diane, honey…one more…this is not a Christian Nation. Me, a Catholic, hate to let you in on the secret. Nixon, Regan, Bush, Cheney…are the ones dancing with the devil.

  • Lynne

    James Hill Ford…cry all you want. It still doesn’t change the fact that just because some may say they are Christians doesn’t make it a fact.

    I have friends and family who are Catholic and Catholics use the term Christian when they are speaking about their faith. Roma and her husband are NOT Christians. Even doing the series, Touched by an Angel had very bad theology and doctrine…not Christian at all. Yet they deceived people into thinking it was a godly show.

    Obama is not a Christian. His fruit reveal that to all who are genuine Christians. He went to a Muslim school and even said in an interview, “My Muslim faith.” Obama supports abortion, homosexual marriage and is against Israel and supports Muslim countries.

    I am afraid that it is YOU who no nothing of Obama, Roma and Mark or what Christianity is all about. I would suggest you open your Bible and read it before you judge. Christians are called/commanded to judge those inside the church and those who claim to…

  • Elizabeth

    Julie, you are so right. Anyone can say they are a Christian, however, anyone who believes there is any way to heaven except through Jesus is not a Christian. Anyone who says abortion (murder) is ok is not a Christian. Anyone who goes against the word of God is not a Christian. obama by his own words and actions has shown that he is NOT a Christian.