Pope Francis’ simple tastes extend to the menu

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pope francis

Pope Francis waves from the pope-mobile during his inauguration Mass at St. Peter's Square on Tuesday (March 19) at the Vatican. RNS photo by Andrea Sabbadini

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ROME (RNS) Francis is the church's first Jesuit pope, and Jesuit traditions favor simple cuisine — one of the rules of the order is for diners to fill up on bread because it avoids the "disorder" that comes from being "tempted by other foods."

  • JEB

    Jesus would NOT approve of church leaders living in luxury like royalty!

    The Catholic church is as bad as the TV “preachers” that get rich while their supporters struggle and go hungry. If you see a “preacher” in a limo or an expensive car he is NOT living as he should be; he is preaching for the paycheck. (How many preachers are “called” to go to a lower-paying preaching jobs??)

    REAL SERVANTS OF GOD do not live like this; they should live humble lives like Pope Francis…he is the first Pope I have really respected.

  • Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz

    I’d like to know where the reporter got his information that Pope Benedict “…relished feasting on fettuccine with shrimp, zucchini and saffron.” There is absolutely no attribution for this claim, so either this the reporter’s own assertion or it’s some rumor he heard. But since it is unattributed, readers should dismiss it as hearsay.

    And PETA’s request is totally asinine. It displays their total ignorance of who St. Francis was. One year, Christmas fell on a Friday and one of the brothers was concerned because they usually abstained from eating meat on Friday. So he asked Francis if they were going to do that on Christmas Day. “When the question arose about eating meat on Christmas Day, because it fell on a Friday, St. Francis replied to Brother Morico, ‘You sin, Brother, calling the day on which the Child was born to us a day of fast. It is my wish,’ he said, ‘that even the walls should eat meat on such a day, and if they cannot, they should be smeared with meat on the outside.'” From the Second Life of St. Francis by Celano, Chapter CLI (http://portiunculathelittleportion.blogspot.com/2010/12/walls-should-be-smeared-with-meat.html)

  • Joanna Boge

    Pope Benedict was in fact known for his extremely simple tastes in food – something that her shares with Pope Francis. And, as Cardinal Ratzinger, in a series of frank interviews with journalist Peter Seewald which became best-selling books, he spoke out forcefully against factory-farming. It is all too clear from Pope Benedict’s lean frame that he has never been a man to indulge himself at the table, and his austerity was well known among those with whom he worked – he would often be so absorbed in a project that when sandwiches were brought in they were left untouched and unnoticed. Please stop trying to invent a story-line that creates a message of tension between Popes Francis and Benedict: the story isn’t there, and the attempt to create it is crude and clumsy.

  • Does Pope Francis eat beef, chicken, eggs? Is Pope Francis a vegetarian or a vegan? Please define what a vegan cannot eat. – md