New bells set to ring out from Notre Dame Cathedral

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notre dame

Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris. Photo courtesy Charlie Phillips via Flickr (

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PARIS (RNS) Only one of Notre Dame Cathedral's original 10 bells survived the French Revolution, and officials hope a new set of nine replacement bells will be more befitting of "the first church of France."

  • Southern Baptist

    How many people could have been fed with the money these bells costs?
    Jesus would NOT approve!

  • MayFlower

    As the story says, they do NOT belong to the church but to the government. Jesus would’ve had no say in this.

  • Asphyxium

    It is beyond me how anyone could disapprove of replacing bad bells in such a historic church.

  • Terry

    And THIS is what is wrong with America.

  • bob

    And how many poor will find their hearts lightened by some music? We don’t live by bread alone.

  • Wastrel

    This is in France.

  • Danielle

    You also do not understand the true meaning of those bells to those that listen to them and have heard them in the past. Complain all you want but it is a done subject and it doesn’t concern you…Bob.