• Kevan Scott

    Just what did those people learn from the History channel Bible series.? I know what I learned. 1. It was so full of inconsisties as to be laughable. 2. The propaganda value was off thhe charts with the filmaker having Satan mysteriously look like the President. 3. If there are those who said they learned anything from this pitiful attempt at a factual account of the Bible then they must have never read the thing or else they would have realized pretty quickly, as in the first 15 min.’s just how bad it was. 4. If this film is to be held as an example of what the history channel documents as history then the history channel is just plain not worth watching.

  • Jack Gordon

    McCaskill’s “faith” was the motivation? Please. Does this woman think we are stupid as well as ill-instructed in the faith, at least as ill-instructed as she clearly is? She is a self-serving pol like all the rest of them in Washington with not the least respect for any religion beyond her owns self-glorification. What a bore.

  • Kathleen Hass

    My Bible study groups have been watching THE BIBLE series and were distressed to watch the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist – and no dove appeared, nor were words from God the Father heard. It is not helpful to skip so quickly through such an important book that I feel a person’s time would be better spent reading it thoughtfully. I also looked at the Barna survey mentioned above and wonder what in the world are the “Mosaics” counted in the survey?

  • William E. Norman

    I have to agree with Kevan. The first episode turned me off. If anyone learned anything, they must never have read the Bible at all.
    And they will have no way of knowing what was jumped over.
    I have become skeptical of all attempts to portray the Bible, ESPECIALLY a broad sweep approach. Better to stick with the life of one character.

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