March 25, 2013

Opponents of gay marriage say they’re no bigots

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Family Research Council president Tony Perkins speaks outside the Family Research Council Headquarters at 801 G Street, Washington, D.C. August 16. RNS photo by Chris Lisee

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins speaks outside the Family Research Council Headquarters at 801 G Street, Washington, D.C. August 16. RNS photo by Chris Lisee

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(RNS) Disparaged as bigots, these diverse conservative voices who oppose same-sex marriage say they're simply defending American society.

  • Jack Gordon

    What all this sodomite ‘success’ tells me is something I have known for a very long time, viz. that liberalism (small ‘l’) and democracy (small ‘l’) are both a sham. As far as the latter is concerned, I have never believed in the proposition that 50% + 1 somehow makes for anything, much less virtue and truth. And the former is an acid that has eaten away at human dignity and Christianity ever since its primitive exponents were lopping off heads in the streets of Paris over 200 years ago (it hasn’t improved with age). I do disagree with opponents of calling sodomite shack-ups marriage on one crucial point: they are wrong to think America is being gutted of Christianity. It never was Christian in any real sense. If the likes of Thomas Jefferson can be called a “Christian”, then I can be called a Martian with as much justice.

  • fr. Vincent Schwahn

    As a gay married Episcopal Priest, I. can only speak from experience. Marriage has changrd my life and allowed me transparency and a public witness to fidelity and my understanding of Christian ideals. I live that commitment with the same fervor and commitment as anyone else and I am not alone. I object to the fact that others choose to make that definition for me. Win or lose, we are not going to go away. This about justice and equal rights, not theology. Religious, Sacramental Marriage can be debated, But Civil Marriage Is another issue not defined by churches.

  • Jack Gordon

    Nobody is “defining” anything except the proponents of this sodomite nonsense. They wish to empty the word marriage of its meaning as understood over milllennia. As did Orwell, they understand the import of changing language in such a nihilistic fashion, the confusion it will engender. And, as for sacramental marriage, my friend, it is most certainly NOT up for debate anywhere perhaps but in the degraded church in which you ‘minister’. What you and your house pal are doing with and to each other is sin, pure and simple. It has nothing whatsoever to do with marriage, regardless of how your twisted mind may try to view it.

  • gilhcan

    So they say. As Jesus warned, “You will recognize them by their behavior,” and those who use religion to hide their ignorance and consequent bigotry, like Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco or Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council have long and obvious histories of bigotry against gay people. They’re not alone, by any means. And religious groups are more loaded with ignorance, bigotry, and hatred than any others.

    That is what is most shocking and disgraceful, that so-called religious leaders display so much ill feeling toward others. It’s bad enough that they choose to remain so deep in the closet of darkness regarding the science and psychology of sexuality, especially Cordileone who is a celibate who claims no sexual experience. However, religion is mainly supposed to be about good will, isn’t it? Wasn’t that the angelic message that came with the birth of Jesus–in whichever version you prefer? “Peace on earth to people of good will!” or “Peace on earth, good will toward others!”

  • gilhcan

    When Salvatore Cordileone laments this “bitterly polarized country” when it comes to issues like sexual orientation, he ought to look in the mirror because he is a leader in promoting such ignorance and bitterness–all in the name of religion yet! The Wall St. gang does it about money, Cordileone does it about sexual differences. Shame on both their houses. Cordileone abuses religion, at least his Christianity, by using it as a cover for his bigotry and hatred. They’re all 1%ers, and decent people must rise up against their ignorance and selfish greed.

  • Jack Gordon

    Gilhcan is a perfect example of a kind of sodomic agit-prop now in vogue: lots of talk about ‘religion’ but never even the mention of the word ‘sin’. For these propagandists, of course, sin doesn’t exist except as an epithet to hurl at anyone who opposes their campaign designed to somehow legitimize….well, sin. In a word, they are not really religious in any authentic sense. They are merely using religion, a quote here from the Bible, a pithy statement from some “Christian” dupe there, to underpin their demonic project for turning society upside down morally. They are liars in the hire of the Prince of Lies.

  • gilhcan

    Bravo, Vincent! Only honest, open, informed, and good people like you can redeem the awful ignorance and hatred that has historically been practiced in the name of religion. Religion is supposed to be a contradiction of evil, at least in these supposedly more enlightened times, but we see it is still abused to practice the darkness symbolized by “Hell”!

  • gilhcan

    Millennia of error does not justify its continuance! As for sodomy, heterosexuals have no monopoly on that, my friend. People did not evolve merely to pollinate. You need to do a lot better than quote ancient mythology by distorting it against all we have learned since the dark times when it was written. Whatever meaning it holds needs to be adjusted with continued and expanded learning.

    You should stutteringly try to explain what is so “nihilistic” about love. You should also consider the insecurity you display about your own sexuality and marriage, if you are involved in either, if you have a “house pal.” Your writing is a continuing display of the ancient ignorance and evil with which religion has sadly and frequently been practiced throughout its history.

  • Jack Gordon

    This defender of sin does our work of investigation for us, makes it all effortless! With his own hand he tells us that, for him — and for other defenders of sodomy these days, Christianity is “mythology.” Of course, they have no choice but to take this well-trodden road; it’s either that or surrender to the clear condemnation of their perfidy once penned by St. Paul. And not with this legerdemain does Gilhcan exhaust the store of tricks in his dirty bag. No, he also trots out the tried-and-true subterfuge dear to the sodomid cause of accusing its enemies of weakness toward its own pet perversion, i.e. sodomy. Disgraceful and artless, but fully predictable. Satan may not be really clever, but he is persistent.

  • I tend to agree–civil marriage may have to pull apart from Holy Matrimony. There are undeniable theological issues at stake here, but certainly we can agree that either church or state must get out of the marriage business. If same-sex marriage becomes the civil norm, expect churches to redefine marriage as “Christian Marriage,” “Holy Matrimony,” or something else–anything else–that keeps the state out of their business. The state has no right to define marriage for the church, though it certainly may do so for itself.

  • kathryn

    Such an obvious double standard and a hipocrtical one! Amazing how bigotry only applies to those who oppose gay marriage well according those who are calling it bigotry but I’ve seen so much bigotry coming from them! I’ve received it too ! Homisexuality is a sin yet I’ve received so many hateful messages on twitter and Facebook not only mocking me mocked God . Bigotry comes from their side geez does it

  • kathryn

    Sad to here people label God as religion. Religion is man made
    I’ve seen so many well God is love
    God isn’t a lover of sin !

    So many of those who don’t believe in God try to use God’s name in an illogical argument on those who do

    GOD HATES SIN. Homosexuaity is sin !

  • Mark

    I agree with you Kathryn

  • Ohso

    RNS is a little to the Left sometimes, but not nearly as much as USA ‘today’ –

    The Headline is a common ruse on the order of the ‘pretend question’ of “How often do you beat your wife”…

    Like use of the term ‘bigot’ in the title and message (as opposed to Helping those afflicted with SSAD (Same Sex Attraction Disorder) – the average reader still links ‘Wife Beater’ with the ‘Denial’ – as in one is proven Guilty Until the Lamesteam Media says otherwise – meaning when you agree with them…

  • Jack Gordon

    Amen! Well said.