• Donald Kosloff

    College students know enough that they don’t need an organized nanny to hold their hands (or something) for such activities. It is pathetic that the ACLU thinks that they need to involve themselves in trashing people’s religious beliefs.

  • JEB

    The anti-American ACLU has ZERO SAY over private property and how they run it!

  • FarmerTom

    Jeb is half right. At a private school, such as BC, student “rights” are much more restrictable than they would be at a public university.

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  • gilhcan

    I guess when you’re celibate and only have sex with young guys and little boys, you don’t need condoms. But they do prevent STDs.

    And if you’re forced to be committed to celibacy, why do you have anything to say about condoms or any other sexual practices? You’re kind of out of your field.

  • Caroline

    I have always admired the catholic values and staunch views depicting idealism in matters of moral choices. However in the real world of human imperfection infidelity exist within marriage. How should a spouse protect herself/himself against diseases to which her/his partner may expose her/him?

    Please send the reply to my email.

  • Caroline

    I think in this forum we should respectfully differ by stating our opinion about the matter at hand. Everyone knows that the church has been charged with sexual abuse against children, however we need to respect the letter of the law. Let not a sector of the defaulters cause us to lose sight of what this discussion is really about. I think it is about whether or not the university as a private institution has the right to forbid the distribution of condoms on their campuses. What I hope to see evolving out of this discussion is a debate as to why the group giving away the condoms feel that it is more expedient to distribute it within the hallways of the Jesuit institution. What would be the impact of not using the Jesuit campus to distribute the condoms etc?

  • rtjl

    It’s a sad commentary when married people feel the need to use condoms to protect themselves from unfaithful spouses. It’s an even sadder commentary when a society accepts as a normal state of affairs that spouses should live with that degree of fear and suspicion towards one another. Perhaps people with unfaithful partners, especially regularly unfaithful partners, should protect themselves by separating from their partners.

  • Will

    It’s not limited to unfaithful people, plenty of married people use a variety of birth control methods because they don’t want kids (or more kids) and abortion is expensive and time consuming. Redundant birth control (i.e. pills + condoms) is more effective than one method at a time.