Marie Osmond Speaks out for Marriage Equality

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safe_imageI didn’t know that Marie Osmond had a lesbian daughter. And I certainly didn’t expect that Marie would defy convention by going public with her support of gay marriage, especially in the same week that the LDS Church reiterated its opposition to the practice.

Marie told Diane Sawyer:

“I believe in her civil rights. As a mother, I think my daughter deserves everything that she desires in life. She’s a good girl. She’s a wonderful child. I don’t think  God made one color [of] flower; I think he made many.”

Coming in this landmark week in which America is discussing gay marriage, kudos to Marie Osmond — and her daughter — for their courage.

There are times when it is imperative to speak out for justice and equality, even when social and ecclesiastical consequences make this hard (as seen in this week’s heartbreaking story of a young Mormon man who is being denied the privilege of serving a mission because he supports homosexual rights and defended his gay brother).

“It gets better.”


  • Ignacio M. Garcia

    In the end sainthood is about following our conscience. We may not always be right but our heart should always be in the right place. My wife and I have been supportive for a while but respect those who struggle with it especially when there is no malice in the view. In the case of the young man, however, I do believe that going on a mission has a prescribed responsibility. He can choose to be a “missionary” for the Lord’s work without the calling though I understand the cost of not going, especially in some Mormon congregations. But as Brigham Young is said to have told some Saints (paraphrasing), “If our hearts are pure we have nothing to worry about even if we are outside the mainstream of the Saints”.

  • I fail to see how loving a child requires marching in the child’s parade. The scriptures are replete with examples of parents who loved their wayward children but didn’t coddle them.

    Marie, your summer cottage in Babylon turns out to be a penthouse in the great and spacious building. Time to sell it and come to Zion. You’ll find plenty of buyers.

    Jana, you, too.

  • Brian Allen

    “Marie, your summer cottage in Babylon turns out to be a penthouse in the great and spacious building. Time to sell it and come to Zion. ”

    How people can’t smell their own foul fumes is beyond me. How can anyone think this is anything resembling “righteousness”?

  • Kaph

    No, sainthood is about putting off the natural man through the atonement of Christ. If you’ve had a change of heart and no more desire to sin, shake at the presence of sin, etc then your conscience is a good guide. Otherwise, it’s always wise to make sure you conscience lines up with the will of The Lord and his Apostles before acting solely on what feels good or seems convincing. Millions throughout history have made tragic mistakes solely following their conscience.

  • Alphonso

    I am an active temple-going LDS guy and I hate the sanctimoniousness of the members. Some always judge, as if they are the final arbiters of people’s fates. The members alone make me want to go inactive. In fact, I have prayed to God saying I want to leave the Church. But He tells me no, just put up with their sh*t.

  • Ignacio M. Garcia

    I’m sure he’s also told you not to use that type of language. It is always beyond me why people hate something so much and then claim to believe in it. While I have found that members can be incredibly hurtful I have also found that most of them come around to respecting you if you love and respect them. They may never accept your ways or ideas–I know that quite well in my circumstances–but they can learn to love you. But not if you think their views are–to use your words–sh*t.

  • Ignacio M. Garcia

    Point well taken. But I was not talking about challenging church doctrine when it comes to celestial marriage. When it comes to political and social issues the Church allows for differences of opinion. That is why it continues to embrace Steve Young as an embassador of the church even though he supports gay marriage–and we can say the same thing about Harry Reed, and a number of other individuals. The church has a role but so do parents. Marie has chosen to advocate for her daughter. In the end, God will be the judge and we should be understanding. At the moment we have no historical or scriptural reasons to believe that the church will change its views when it comes to church sanctioned marriages or temple sealiings for gay couples.

  • Leslie Hillman

    I support Marie’s unconditional love of her daughter and I support acceptance of gay people as family,friends and members of society, just as we ought to do with everyone whose beliefs and ways of life differ from ours. I do not however, support gay marriage. My agreement with gay marriage would make me accountable in part, for the sins of homosexuality. There are many in our society, who have had (and rejected) gay attractions. The same is true with adulterous and other aberrant attractions. 1 Corinthians 10:13 says, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able, but will with the temptation also provide a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it.”

  • Leslie Hillman

    I think that’s a bit of a harsh way to put it to Marie. Her support of gay marriage is out of love for her daughter. I would invite Marie to study this matter out in her mind while praying and studying scriptures daily, and then to pray to know if her stand is correct.

  • Moracle

    In this clip I didn’t hear Marie say anything about gays being able to be “married”. She spoke of their “Civil Rights”. If I’m not mistaken some in leadership in her Church have leaned in favor of “civil unions”, which gives them civil rights of marriage, but stays away from changing the definition and meaning of “marriage”, the “union between a man and a woman”.

    I see no clash between Marie’s statements and her Church’s teachings on the matter, unless she said something not shown or quoted in this article.

  • Doc Anthony

    Without trying to attack or judge Marie Osmond, today’s news is unfortunate news indeed. It’s going to be an increasingly hard ride for the people of various denominations and religions in America, if they refuse to convert to the new gay-marriage religion. But refusal is the only Scriptural option (at least for Christians).

  • greg loosli

    well, jana, sounds like you Failed Sainthood again – shame on you for twisting the words and the story to seemingly forward your own perspective and possibly agenda

    marie sounded to me like a wonderfully concerned mom supporting her child and saying society owes all respect and individual rights without cruelty or unkindness – she telling others we all have differences and we all make mistakes and we all need to try and do the best we can with the circumstances we are dealt and the ones we create

    gay marriage has never been or ever will be marriage – it is homosexuality – like so many correct priniciples, it is sad when permutations and aberrations and mutations are labeled as something good – like pornography as art or incivility or rudeness as free speech or rights restriction or abolishment as protection

    true, mutations in nature occur – but that is not to say that it is normal or what nature intends – the biology of the perpetuation of life as humans, even without the interjection of religion, plainly demonstrates that man and woman are intended and indeed are the only means whereby perpetuation is even possible

    so again, marriage is joining of a man and a woman – joining of two men or two women is homosexuality, not gay marriage – gay marriage is a total misnomer

    calling the emporer’s new clothes ‘clothes’ didn’t make them clothes

  • Kevin

    People can be faithful LDS and support CIVIL same-sex marriage. We believe that government must treat all equally and promote freedoms as long as they don’t objectiely infringe upon the rights of others.

    The LDS church violated scripture in supporting CA’s Prop. 8. 1 Cor. 10:29 & D&C 134:4 denounce those who let their religious opinions prompt them to infringe upon the rights and liberties of others. Gays, prior to Prop. 8 DID have the right/liberty to marry in CA and we LDS, along with many other Christians, let our religious opinions prompt us to infringe upon those rights. We steadied the ark by ignoring the sustained word of God because we were afraid of what might happen if we followed God’s word.

    We are also told in scripture to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s. Since Caesar is in charge of marriage…even the temple recognizes this by telling people that we can only have sexual relations with those to whom we are LEGALLY and LAWFULLY married. Also, try to get a divorce WITHOUT involving Caesar. The government cannot use subjective religious opinions to restrict the rights of others…and if scripture is to be believed, Christians can’t do that either.

  • Richard

    And so you are…..I commend you. I also appreciate the humor that spills out of your frustration. Look, we are dealing with millions of members that will all disagree with each other and have things wrong once continued enlightenment sheds light on our wrongs…and it’s nothing new. Peter and Paul didn’t seem to like each other…

  • Linda Brown

    That was simple and well put.

  • Linda Brown

    That was to Tracy

  • Rigel Hawthorne

    Wow. People very quick to judge Marie. I’m so glad she champions her daughter. I’m glad she demonstrates that love to be no different than the love for any of her other children. Her comments do not argue against the Church’s statement defining the “divine” definition of marriage that is currently doctrinal. I respect her for not telling her daughter’s story. Who knows if “everything she desires in life” includes same sex marriage or not. It’s her daughters story to write and I’m sure her daughter has been thoroughly educated on the doctrines of Mormonism. It’s her daughter’s agency. Marie is respecting her daughter’s God-given agency. We claim the privilege of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men (AND WOMEN) the same privilege.

  • George Robinson

    Marriage defined as a union between one man and one woman is a children’s rights issue. If I have read the press releases correctly, the LDS Church does not object to equal civil rights for same-sex unions. In fact, I think the LDS Church supports that.

  • ExMoHoMoDon

    Likewise, calling Mormon smug condescension and self righteousness Christian doesn’t make it so. I for one am so grateful when people like you and Tracy Hall Jr. show up and remind us why people find so many Mormons judgmental and self righteous beyond endurance. Perhaps you are unaware that lots of people read these blogs who are not Mormon and all they learn of Mormons is from your sad and pathetic smug self righteousness. I adore Marie Osmond–her loveliness and genuine love outshine your sad and deluded version of Christian values.

  • ExMoHoMoDon

    If I’m not mistaken, summer cottages in Babylon have been replaced by multi million dollar condos and Tiffany’s at City Creek, built by a real estate development company masquerading as a church.

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  • Gonzalo Neujahr

    Now I appreciate that any number of Christian people will object at this point with words like ‘abomination’ and ‘unnatural’ – claiming that the Bible teaches clearly that all homosexual activity (including that between consenting adults) is an obscenity before God. My contention at this point is simply that even if this were true it wouldn’t detract from the value of gay marriage. For the issue here is not whether homosexual activity is desirable or undesirable or morally offensive or anything of the sort.”.

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  • Kevin

    Though we LDS may believe that same-sex relationships are sinful, the scriptures do not allow us to use our beliefs as justification to infringe upon the rights of others (1 Cor. 10:29, D&C 134:4). This is why we were wrong to support Prop. 8. Gays in CA had the right to be married in CA prior to 8.

    Civil marriage is a CIVIL matter and we are to render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar. Religious belief has no place in this discussion. Once we take religion out of the picture, there is no reason deny gays their equal civil rights.

  • Lyn Smith

    I pretty much agree with you, Leslie. I suppose accepting gay people to be the same as accepting all people as we are all children of God. Accepting the person is not accepting the act.
    I support Marie’s love of her daughter but must disagree with her stance on supporting her daughter’s lifestyle.
    I just read somewhere that Donny Osmond has a similar stance, in that he doesn’t oppose homosexuality and believes they should remain in the church, so long as they remain celibate. Really?!
    I have a good friend who is in the same position. One of her daughter’s is gay. She loves her daughter but makes no bones to her about the sin of it.
    Ok, are we still going to ride the fence because we don’t want to offend anyone or make our children think we don’t love them simply because we disagree with them?
    Stand by your beliefs, don’t waiver. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Greg Rattey

    Do you still believe this today out of interest?
    Maybe it’s not from God !

  • Rude Dog

    Yes. I have no more desire to sin. That’s why I am supporting my GLBT brothers and sisters in their struggle not only for civil and constitutional equality, but ecclesiastical equality as well. Search your soul. I reject your quip about Lord and Apostles being the same thing. That was the conventional wisdom when the “Apostles” rejected black men not only the priesthood out of “folk wisdom”, but denied black women and families temple blessings as well. You know what they say, fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. These so called apostles forgot their history, because they’re sure bound to repeat it again, and where will you be when that essay comes out?

    Repent brother. You’ll feel better.

  • ben

    “In the end sainthood is about following our conscience.”
    not true, sainthood is about following God even when its not convenient.

  • Harper

    “True love is a process. True love requires personal action.” —Marvin J. Ashton
    I love my gay brother and I will act in every way I can to ensure that he has the same rights, privileges and blessings available for him. That means standing up for him, and what I feel is right. He deserves the love of another human being, and he deserves to have it legitimized and recognized by society, including where he chooses to worship. My brother no more chose his sexuality than I did. It is not a sin to BE. It is not a sin to be happy, love and serve your spouse, children, and the Lord. I know it, God knows it, and someday the Church will know it.