Atheist shoes

Anti-Atheist Discrimination at the Post Office

As the less hip among you may not know, there is an über-cool company in Berlin that specializes in neo-Bauhau footware with names like Kitten Testicle Grey, Ocean Fish, Höllenfeuer (Hellfire) Red, and Naughty Schnitzel Pilz. They come with either the Darwin Love Sole or the Ich Bin Atheist Sole.

Prayer meetings in homes, like the once pictured here, are common in India. During Holy Week, one such home was targeted by religious fanatics. A Christian family of five was severely beaten, and the mother's hand was cut off.

Religious Fanatics Invade Home, Brutally Attack Indian Christians during Holy Week

Mother’s Hand Cut Off, Family Severely Beaten
CARROLLTON, Texas – On March 27 in the middle of the Christian observance of Holy Week, a band of Religious fanatics burst into the home of Indian Christians, beating all family members and maiming the mother. The family had just sat down to dinner in their home in an undisclosed area of Uttar Pradesh, India, when the attack began. Every member of the family suffered brutal injuries. Mrs. Survati, the mother, was severely maimed. Attackers severed her hand, cutting it into two pieces.


PRRI Job Opening: Senior Writer and Project Manager

Position Summary:

The Senior Writer and Project Manager will be responsible for writing and editing research reports, writing and editing blog posts, and managing external communication with funders, board members, affiliated scholars, and other partner organizations. The Senior Writer and Project Manager will also be responsible for managing deadlines for major projects and managing interns. Responsibilities:

Assist with writing and editing research reports, scholarly articles, books, and other writing tasks as assigned
Responsible for writing, editing content for PRRI’s “Faith in the Numbers” blog
Responsible for writing “The Morning Buzz”, PRRI’s daily religion and politics news roundup, as well as weekly and monthly research newsletters
Responsible for managing deadlines for all PRRI major projects, coordinating with outside research partners and assisting with event logistics
Responsible for hiring/managing PRRI interns


B.A. in Journalism, English, Religious Studies, Communications, Political Science or a related field
Three to five years of experience as writer or editor required
Experience managing multiple, complex projects under tight deadlines
Outstanding writing and communication skills
Excellent organizational/administrative skills and attention to detail
Interest in religion, politics, and public opinion research strongly preferred
Professional background in journalism preferred
Grant-writing experience a plus

Instructions for Applying:

To apply, please submit your cover letter, your resume, and three professional references to Please include “Senior Writer & Project Manager” in the subject line of your email. This is a full-time position based in Washington, DC.

Boston College, ACLU clash over condom giveaway

(RNS) “As a Jesuit, Catholic university, there are certain Catholic commitments that Boston College is called to uphold,” Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn said about efforts to shut down an undercover student group that distributes free condoms.

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Why I support same-sex marriage: a religious argument in solidarity

This is the reason that I ultimately came over from the cautious supporting “civil union” side to supporting full marriage. We don’t want a society in which some people are “kind of” married, sort of married. We don’t want a two-tiered model of marriage. We don’t want a two-tiered model of justice. We don’t want a two-tiered model of citizenship. A two-tiered justice is not justice, and a two-tiered citizenship is not real citizenship.