Are social conservatives getting screwed?

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HuckabeeSomething tells me that Mike Huckabee is indulging in a bit of circumlocution in speaking with Politico about his peeps:

“People are just sick of it,” he said. “They’re treated like a cheap date — always good for the last-minute prom date, never good enough to marry.”

As it were.
  • I think “cheap date” is the absolute nicest way you could describe social conservatives who let the Republican Party use and abuse them, never getting anything in return. If all the guys and their friends know that you put out, what does that make you?

  • Latitudinarian?

  • In all seriousness, social conservatives–the religious right–may have given more (votes) to the GOP than they got (public policy), but they got quite a lot, from the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment to DOMA and beyond. The problem is that much of their agenda now looks like a losing cause to the Republican establishment. So the party’s over. Maybe.