• Doc Anthony

    Forget about the labels (Catholic, Protestant, etc etc). We’re all in trouble this time. Gay marriage is turning American Christianity into spiritual roadkill.

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  • Mike

    I know many monks, the same ones you reference, who support the teachings of the Church and are compassionate to those who struggle with the teachings of the Church, but they don’t muddy the water by riding the back of a political wave and personal feelings. The Catholic Church pursues truth, founded in natural law and divine revelation, and has always reached a compassionate hand to those that disagree. But ultimately truth is truth. We should not redefine words and social institutions to appease a vocal minority. There are many other churches that would welcome these individuals and ultimately if you don’t believe what the Catholic Church offers for your assent, then you should find a community that you can fully assent to and clear your conscience.

  • gilhcan

    Any church people, lay or clerical, who speak in such ignorant, crude, and unchristian ways about homosexuality as Tim Dolan and his henchman Bill Lori need to get off their dogmatic soapboxes, quit mimicking the ancient biblical or church party lines, and be guided in objective learning about sexuality in general and orientation in particular. I realize that might be hard for celibates who ignore or try in various ways to hide the sexual abuse of the church’s children, but first things first.

    Tim Dolan, especially, ought to run over the long block to 5th Av. & E. 50th St. from his episcopal mansion on Madison Av., get a load of those hotdogs he claims to love so much, have Bill Lori in from Baltimore for lunch, and counsel each other as to how to shut up until the two of them learn what they’re talking about. A good start would be to quit deceiving people about inhibiting their religious liberty. That liberty works both ways, and Dolan and Lori are not appointed parts of our government just because they’ve been appointed to their individual bishops’ chairs by Benedict.

    Everyone, bishops included, even cardinals, especially bishops and cardinals, ought to know what they’re talking about before they spout off.

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