HBO documents unlikely saviors of 50 Holocaust children

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Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus (pictured here) lived a comfortable life in 1930s Philadelphia, where he made a good living as a lawyer, and she kept a stylish house. Photo courtesy HBO

Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus (pictured here) lived a comfortable life in 1930s Philadelphia, where he made a good living as a lawyer, and she kept a stylish house. Photo courtesy HBO

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(RNS) Against great odds, Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus set out from Philadelphia to rescue 50 children from Nazi-controlled Austria, the subject of a new HBO documentary set to air on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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  • Laurie Zulauf

    This is an amazingly heroic story and should not have taken so long to be made ! Just one question remains though, who paid for the journey for all 50 children ? It couldn’t have been the Krauses, could it ?

  • Lina Blecher

    My dad is 91 and has a story about the holocaust that must be heard I was told by everyone’s life he saved and strangers that have heard bits and pieces. The
    stories are memorable and my dad was called “THE KING OF THE WOODS”
    stories I never heard from him but the survivors he saved. It is a story about
    black market, living underground and saving lives, clothing them and feeding them until the war came to a conclusion. I would like someone to document
    his story while he is still alive and has an incredible memory.

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  • anonomous

    possibly i am way off but Hitler did secure ‘the future’ with secretly transporting doctors, scientists, engineers etc. to america. these wonderful people the saviors of these children, whos to say there wasnt a agenda that they had to help ‘secure the future’. mind control is running rampant now, with modern techniques they, the nazis have the power in america, possibly even global. the big secret nobody wants to think aabout is how is it nwo is going to play out? it was hypnois in the 1930s. to think hunred thousand troops all ‘ok’d’ these daily murders, think about it. get a room of 100 people and tell them the same, i doubt they would be in unison…unless hypnotised. modern day nwo is just repeating the past….secretly again! so the children rescued could of been the beginning of america under seize from elementary schools whose teachers and administrators are also part of the ‘future’. think and question…when they say ‘all the slaves are in place…’ thats generational. however, the klaus did make a big impact to 50 children, possibly more than we know! just a thought outside the box!

  • karen lesorgen banschick

    Your father never told his stories to me. I remember my brother Phil telling me about his listening to Max’s recounting of his life during the war. I remember thinking it was very scary. As a child, it sounded frightening. Actually, I remember my Mom telling me about the lives he saved. He was very heroic.

  • Somebody

    My grandma WAS one of the youngest at 5 years old. I have heard stories again and again about her. She died when I was 5 so i don;t really remember her but i think she was brave. My grandma went with a foster family. Years later her real parents got out of Austria and wanted her back. My grandma forgot her language and most things. The rule was that when you let go of your child they went to the foster family for good.They fought in court and her real parents won. Many, MANY years later she met my grandpa and they got married. They had two girls then a boy who is my dad. I know how bad Hitler was but in some ways I am thankful for him because if my grandma didn’t go to America I wouldn’t be alive today.