Longtime gay parishioner booted from church posts

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Nicholas Coppola (right) with his husband David Crespo. Photo courtesy Nicholas Coppola

Nicholas Coppola (right) with his husband David Crespo. Photo courtesy Nicholas Coppola

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NEW YORK (RNS) As Catholic leaders signal a new tone of welcome for gays in the church, a Long Island parishioner was booted from his church posts after an anonymous letter writer told the bishop the man had married his partner.

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  • Hope Ann Faith

    It would be helpful for people’s better understanding if you explained that the church is not against gays (hence the parishioner could participate before the ‘marriage’), but is against homosexual acts and why the church cannot condone gay marriage (and the bishop had to take action to remove the parishioner from church posts):
    What ‘Gay Marriage’ supporters need to know about Catholicism – http://www.catholicbandita.com/grave-sin-catholic/

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  • Southern Baptist

    You can NOT waller in your sin and continue in it and be a Christian!

    The ONLY way a gay can get to Heaven is the only way a child molester will get in; ASK FORGIVENESS AND STOP THE ACTIVITY

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  • edward

    So living together without benifit of marriage is fine?

  • You’ll be most welcome as members of an ELCA Lutheran church. Loving people the way Christ loved is what we’re about – come and see.

  • Southern Baptist

    No it is not but a man can NOT marry a man; that is unnatural (has been for thousands of years) and SICK.

    Gays have the same right to marry the opposite gender but CHOOSE not to utilize that right.

    Jesus SPECIFICALLY said that a MAN needed a WIFE.

  • edward

    You seem to have misunderstood my question. This article seems to imply that among Catholics, somethings that are regarded as sin can be overlooked, while others cannot. I was asking for clarification on the Catholic view. I have hundreds of Southern Baptist neighbors. I know their views. They leave it up to each individual to interpet the Bible.

  • billy w

    The church will do anythng to try and distract from its renaming to
    the church of the endless hidden molestation by its sex starved prison mentality priests

    In chicago Card George is carrying on about gays having equal CIVIL law marriage rights

    While he still hides his responsibilty for the hiding of molesters in his command.

    its that way all over the world. The head of the catholic church in Gr. Britain waas outed by a number of his priests who he “inaporpriately touched”

    If all the criminals molesters were thrown out of the church, we’d be rid of it



  • billy w

    It the old do as we say or we hate you. game. They say they tread gays with dignity and respect. Just another great lie.

    As chris hitchens said “conservative religion poisons everything

    BTW their idea of protecting life has included that hatred of Jews that led to the holocaust

    The christian (catholic crusades that murdered tens of millions of those people from about 1000 to 1500 AD

    The kangaroo courts of the HOLY Inqusition of torture and burnings at the stake

    The first significant group of non catholic xtians was the CAthars in southern France

    A pope Gregory about 1000 Ad found out about them and sent a monk to raise an army. Took a couple decades

    When he was told only a few hundred of the 20000cathars were heretics, he said “kill them all – let god sort it out”

    BTW just study maps of Africa from eg 1960 or so. You’ll see almost every country with two names – one European, the other AFrican

    These so called catholic nations simply raped and murdered and stole everythng the could carry away for the glory of god and their European nations.

    England btw is really catholic – the anglicans simply dont report to rome.

  • Angelo

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. What you are forgetting, Southern Baptist is that we live in a country in which our constitution is based on the separation of church and state. In a nutshell, your religious beliefs have no bearing on the civil rights of a US citizen. At the same time, this separation also affords the right of the Catholic Church to act as they did.

    Think a little and stop following a system of brain washing. No one CHOOSES to be gay. If you really want to live a fully Christian life and follow the words of the bible, I’m sure you would be in trouble.

  • Angelo

    Actually, as I continue to read your comments, I realize there’s no room for discussion with you. You seem to know the bible well and quote scripture. Have you poked your eye out, because you lusted after someone during sometime in your life. Have you had your neighbors stone you, because you mixed fabrics or because you’ve eaten shrimp or pork?

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  • Southern Baptist

    Jesus was very clear; he NEVER said that a man should be with a man; he said:

    Matthew 19:
    3 The Pharisees came to Jesus to test him. They asked, `Is it right for a man to send his wife away from him for any reason?’

    4 Jesus answered, `Have you not read this? From the time God first made people, he made them a man and a woman.

    5 God said, “A man must leave his father and mother and must stay with his wife. The two of them will be like one person.”

    6 So they are not two people any more, but they are one person. Man must not separate what God has joined together.’

  • Steve

    Sorry, but you cannot claim to be something yet do not believe what that group says it believes. This is typical American thinking which has no place in the Catholic Church. Follow the teachings of the Church or leave. This ‘married’ man is no more Catholic than the priests that molested those children.

  • Southern Baptist

    You are so right!

    Also, the “priests” that molest boys are as GAY as this dude is since NORMAL men don’t go after boys!

  • edward

    Looking at the international news this morning I saw an article about the widespread abuse of girls by priests in an European country. Near where I live there was a Southern Baptist pastor abusing girls at a Baptist camp. These people are molesters, no less than are the ones that prey on boys. You choose to ignore these cases and only condem those involved in homosexual acts because you can pretend to yourself that you are more rightous than others. The truth is that God sees the thoughts of your heart. You are not saved until you get Jesus in your heart. You may be Southern Baptist, but you are not Christian. We cannot have a fruitful dialog in this forum as long as your heart is closed to truth. Please repent and turn to Jesus.

  • Southern Baptist

    If you want to ignore the Bible and the words of Jesus then go ahead and welcome open sinners into leadership roles!

    Having active gays is like having active child molesters, active adulteries, or any other person that continues in their sinful lifestyle choices!

    Gays CHOOSE to continue the disgusting behavior thus choose satan over God.

    As to molesters; since, according to the US Census of 2011, only 3% of males are gay only 3% of kids molested should be boys. Trouble is 48% are male thus 48% are molested by 3% of the population making gays over TEN TIMES more likely to be molesters.

    As to the “Baptist” molesters, they are few and far between and ARE NOT Christians.

  • edward

    Trouble is you pick and choose which words of Jesus you want to quote, and which you want to ignore. I am not going to respond to you anymore. You can respond and think in your mind that you got in the last word and got the best of me. The truth is that God gets the last word, and right now things do not look good for you. You will change. God is always victorious.

  • Southern Baptist

    Show me just ONE VERSE that supports sexual deviants (or abortion for that matter!)

  • Michael

    This is why the Church is seen as homophobic, not only by gays and non-Catholics but even by many Catholics. A man loves someone and marries them. That’s generally considered a cause of celebration. But not in the Catholic Church. A bunch of professional virgin bachelors have decided, for reasons known only to themselves, that God thinks what gays do in bed is icky and therefore the Church goes out of its way to show its hatred for gays. And no, hatred is not too strong a word. The Church doesn’t show hatred for child rapists but does for married gays.

    I left the Church some years ago because I could not take the hypocrisy of the hierarchy any more. Incidentally, I’m not gay.

  • Southern Baptist

    You left the church because you don’t want to accept the teachings of the Bible & of God! You don’t like what it teaches so choose man’s ideas about sexual deviants and other sinners over God’s laws.

    You didn’t leave the church, you left GOD and will burn in hell with the gays, the child molesters, and other sexual deviants.

  • Nicholas

    Your words are not words of a true Christian. Christians are called to love and compassion for all people. I will pray for you and that you will soon understand that your words are only hurting your relationship with our God. I will also pray that you will soon be filled with God’s Grace and Love. I have hope that you will find what you are seeking. In the words of Jesus “Peace be with you”.

  • edward

    Michael, about thirty years ago I left the religious society that all my family had been closly associated with for two centuries because I felt it was no longer Christian. It hurt, but I found a spiritual home in another denomination, and I am glad I did. There are alternatives to the Roman Catholic Church. I hope you have found another home, and I hope you still have Jesus in your life.

  • Southern Baptist

    So you say to gays, child molesters, and other sinners “Come on in, IGNORE GOD’S LAW and spit in his face”

    God does love all BUT he only accept those who CONFESS AND GIVE UP THE SINFUL BEHAVIOR!! You are hell-bound and don’t even know it!


  • Nicholas

    I’m curious to know if you follow all 613 “laws” in the bible? I don’t think i need to recite them, I’m sure you know them. The Gospel lives, and with all things created by God that are alive, they grow and evolve. God has blessed us with creative minds to learn and obtain an understanding of life. We are called to live our authentic selves, if we don’t live our lives as God created us, that would be the sin.
    I really hope your heart can be softened.
    Peace My Friend

  • David C.

    Nicholas, I am positive you can’t recite the 613 laws either. We are not under the law but under faith in Christ. As far as living as we were meant to be : Christ said that a man will leave his parents and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one. So living your life apart from that is living in a way opposite from what God made us to do.

  • Alden Smith

    Okay that is on called for. I’m a devout conservative Christian even i think that is going to far.

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  • Artiewhitefox

    The church is heading for hell. That Hell is Gods glory when it is turned on. Religions with insatiable hate do not teach this. Not teaching it makes mans sinful arm wrath deceiving themselves.

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