Thursday’s Religion News Roundup: NRA Catholics * Adventists anniversary * Latino Reformation

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A photo of the Time Magazine cover on Hispanic evangelicals

The latest Time Magazine cover story on Hispanic evangelicals.

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The bishops may support new gun rules, but NRA Catholics oppose them. Seventh-day Adventists mark an anniversary that wasn't supposed to be. Time Magazine devotes a cover story to Hispanic evangelicals.

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  • Kevan Scott

    I hope out of the death of Matt Warren there will be some good to come out of it. I sincerely hope that Pastor Warren will find a healthy way to deal with this now lifetime of greif that is now forced on him. Knowing Pastor Warren he will find a positive way to cope with the greif. So, on both sides of Syria’s civil war women are now being used in front line positions. Bet is, once this is over those same heroic women will once again be forced to live as 2nd class citizens. Finally, from my own personal dealing with blindness first in one eye then both, I would advise the survivor of the B’ham church bombing not to get too greedy. Although she does deserve every penny and more of whatever she finally receives for what happened to her and the other children. I’m getting a small chuckle out of imagining the Klan being forced to pay her all that money, actually a hearty laugh at that is in order. A bit of justice, however small, for dealing with a lifetime of disturbing memories for all who were there that horrible day. No, on 2nd thought Ma’am you go and get every bit of money that you definately deserve!

  • Kevan Scott

    One small ? to you at RNS, is there some way we can only have to sign up once to get follow-up comments or to follow blogs. It is getting annoying to have to go to the wordpress site and confirm each and every time I ask to see any follow up comments to mine. Thanks, Kevan

  • Daniel Burke


    There are two buttons on the bottom of each post on our website. If you click the first one it will notify you of follow-up comments by email. If you click the second, it will notify you of new posts by email. It should appear directly below the comment box. Please let me know if we can help any further.


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  • Stan Cook

    Why is it that that articles such as this always capitalizes the noun god?