Friday’s Religion News Roundup: Warren on guns * Rand’s ‘decadent’ DC * Condom portrait

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Margaret Hamilton in "The Wizard of Oz," via Wikipedia.

Margaret Hamilton in "The Wizard of Oz," via Wikipedia.

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Religion in the Coen brothers films, a fortress for an Orthodox enclave, and more Catholic debates -- and some high-level disputes -- about the role of gay Catholics in the church and whether supporting gay marriage (or civil unions) is okay. Or not.

  • Old Dude

    Gun control is not a victory for our country. It terminates the 227 year old Constitution and establishes an oligarchy of 400 in one party (and a sham party). That OUGHT to disturb everyone but they didn’t even notice. Christians do not have any right to practice or have their faith; to assemble; to speak; to publish (they are now privileges). Habeas Corpus, freedom from self incrimination, right to jury are all privileges now. They exist at the convenience of the oligarchy. There NO rights now.. only privileges granted by the messiah and the oligarchy (like Rome, like the Reich). Do you see that as a victory? Do you think it saves lives? Do you think it obviates mental illness or mass murders? Was it worth it? Everyone will see this snake turn on them.

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  • Kevan Scott

    The rapper who calls out false teachers in his latest rap song is right on! As a 53 yr. old white man listening to this song I found myself nodding my head in approval and to the beat as well. It’s about tiime someone called these ” Worst of the Worst” out for what they are! False teachers, interested in nothing but money and they don’t care how badly they hurt you or anyone else just as long as they relieve you of the contents of your wallet. I’m blind and not too sure about the spelling of his name sounded like Shay Lynn to me but what I’m trying too say is listen to this song and it’s words and tell others about it. Truth!