Monday’s Religion News Roundup: Evil Jews? * Catholic reform * God as therapist

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Tenth graders in Albany were asked to write a persuasive argument to a fictitious Nazi government official arguing that "Jews are evil." Pope Francis offers a new church narrative of outreach to those in need. Some evangelicals view God as therapist.

  • Scott Elliott

    Significant error on the South Carolina story: the bishop asking for clarification of the clergy is the one loyal to the Episcopal Church. The one who is trying to steal TEC’s clergy and property is Mark Lawrence.

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  • Yonat Shimron

    The error has been corrected. Thank you.

  • Kevan Scott

    My apologies to Jews worldwide for the insensitivity of Christians like the teacher’s writing assignment and the remarks of Justin Beaver. I no longer use the word Christian in relation to me. Comments and actions like in today’s roundup leave me dumbfounded and sad. The Jews are no more or no less evil than any other race or religious group in the world today. Get it thru your head Christians Jesus WAS a Jew! To hate the Jews, or anyone else for thhat matter is to hate Jesus himself. I try to follow Christ’s teachings as best I can but to call myself Christian any longer when Christians are doing things like this is something I can no longer do. I’ll follow Christ’s teachings and leave my eternal ‘salvation” as well as Anne Frank’s up to God. He is much more qualified to make that judgement than me. By the way, if you had a 14 yr. old daughter who had experienced what Anne Frank did could you really send her to “hell” especially if yu say you love her as much as Christ says he loves us? No, me neither. I’m not an atheist, yet, but Christians today with their weirder and weirder beleifs are moving me in that direction quite nicely.

  • The teacher that gave the assignment to support the Nazi justification to murder six million Jewish people, and thousands of others, should be fired from his or her teaching post. Anti-Semitism is on the rise, especially in Europe, and it must stop. It is bad enough with terrorist groups trying to murder more Jewish people, with out adding fuel to the “fire”. Enough is ENOUGH!!!!

  • Old Dude

    Some years ago my daughter (was in middle school) learned that 100% of the Japanese Americans were rounded up and forced into a concentration camp by no there than liberal FDR and Earl Warren. So she and I drove up to Manzanar and sure enough there was the camp. We walked in the graveyard and there were infants and old people so we considered: were 100% of them spies? Well no dad .. not babies. But FDR and Warren never considered that .. never tried them .. never gave them recompense; stole their land, their lives, their rights. This was supposedly why we were fighting Nazi’s .. but Nazi’s are not the only ones and kids DO need to see that (and never forget it). I saw mass graves in Europe (Meligalas): and it was communists who did it. Kids need to know .. and adults ought to know too (but ignorance IS bliss .. isn’t it?)

  • Old Dude

    Apologize for yourself and then try to be a better Christian. Don’t accuse the rest of us for being like you. You’ll do. If you ate hating .. you stop hating. Get the telephone pole out of your eye Mr. Kevan Scott and you will probably find that challenging enough. Don’t judge everyone else as culpable for your acts (because that is a form of false sterotyping against Christians .. which is ALL TOO COMMON these days). Clean up you own mess .. you are not allowed to declare yourself a saint .. God will make those decisions.

  • Old Dude

    I stand corrected. I read your post further. Gosh you really are hateful. All I can say to you after having read it a little further is: I fell sorry for you. I hope you are not young and have to live a long life with that kind of hatred. But you never can tell. Maybe you will need that time to get good terms with your mirror. That’s gotta be a hard face to shave. I’ll pray for you.

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  • Wise Gentile

    Apologize for yourself if you must. In my opinion, Gentiles are not the ones who need to be doing the apologizing…

  • Wise Gentile

    And let’s not forget how the so-called “jews” have usurped the land that belongs to the good Palestinians. The Palestinians are the true chosen people of God.