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  • John McGrath

    In regard to the statement by the pope that a religion thatg does not go out from itself becomes sickened, I have been suggesting to my many ex-Catholic relatives and others that they look into Focolare. I also advise them to look first at the Wikipedia entry, since it’s good summary and its links to the organization’s various sub-divisions work better than Google’s, for some reason.

  • “A majority of pastors doubt Global Warming”

    Yeah, that’s where I always get my science–pastors. Who needs scientists?

  • Kevan Scott

    I was lucky I guess. I went to religious schools until 8th grade. They taught me science uwith no thought about it. Taught creationism of course but did talk about evolution as well. Today, no so. Withougt those who follow science, we would still be in the Dark Ages afraid of everything being possessed or being a sin. That is not the world I want to live in. Science should be a priority in all our schools, private and secular. We need to begin to make that a priority.