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  • Donald Kosloff

    In your commentary you confused things that actually went wrong with things that you think went wrong based on your political bias. That is a serious error when you use God to justify your political bias. For example, you ignorantly state that the absence of a so-called “assault weapons” ban is wrong. Yet there is not a shred of evidence to justify your claim. Even some politicians and others who support such a ban admit that.

  • Betty Morin-Griffin

    The “familiar passage from the Bible” used in your article of Friday, 4/19/13, is Romans 8:28 – often taken out of context by those who desire to discredit the Scriptures. Romans 8:28, taken in context, is the follow-up result to vs. 26-27 of the same chapter. The actual lead-in is vs. 18 where Paul is comparing the suffering of this present age to the glory that awaits those who are in Christ Jesus. Vs. 26-27 point out that we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit of God intercedes for us in prayer according to the will of God. When the perfect will of God is prayed, we can expect vs. 28. The problem is that most of us do not pray … and if and when we do, we pray our own self-centered prayers and never ask God about His good will for us. The evil that is presently raping our world from Benghazi to Afghanistan to Newtown to Boston to Texas and multiple regions beyond, is the horrible by-product of man’s open rebellion against God as noted by C. S. Lewis in the last century. What if our world changed from “rebellion” against God to “surrender” to God – what a radical idea! And one what would surely work! And by the way, that old King James version of the Bible … it has been read by millions … and the reading of it has brought many people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Lord, the unique Son of God, and the only Savior of the world.