Catholics try their hand at old-fashioned evangelism

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Marty Scrima, (left) and Jim Wedick, members of the Holy Infant Catholic Church evangelization team, work the New Ballwin Estates subdivision in Ellisville on Saturday, April 20, 2013, going door to door, re-welcoming registered members to restart an active membership at the church and taking suggestions on how to make worship better. Photo by Christian Gooden / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Marty Scrima, (left) and Jim Wedick, members of the Holy Infant Catholic Church evangelization team, work the New Ballwin Estates subdivision in Ellisville on Saturday, April 20, 2013, going door to door, re-welcoming registered members to restart an active membership at the church and taking suggestions on how to make worship better. Photo by Christian Gooden / St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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SHREWSBURY, Mo. (RNS) About 125 Catholics packed a basement conference room -- most of them lay people, many of them older. They gathered to learn how to spread the faith, a concept that is both fundamental to Christianity and nearly foreign to modern Roman Catholics.

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  • Julie

    That’s wonderful I hope this type of evangelization increases in numbers

  • Maryann

    “……I know my sheep and my sheep know me…….” Yes, we need to evangelize but not take guidance from Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • “Behold, I stand at the door and knock………………..” . And many are the souls who never open the door and forever regret rejecting Jesus Christ.

  • Siobhan

    Jesus did not die a public death so that anyone would have mere ‘private’ faith.

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  • SD

    Catholics all over the country have been doing street evangelization with an organization called St. Paul Street Evangelization, which was featured recently on Catholic Answers:

  • Keith Phillips

    Jesus, and the Apostles after Him, they generally spread the Gospel, by preaching out in the open, in public places, where anyone could attend. Those who wanted to learn about Love and about Truth would go to listen. Jesus and the disciples did not seek out others, but let others come to them. It’s kind of the “if you build it, they will come” mode of evangelization, and I tend to believe that is how we are supposed to do it, not door-to-door. If we simply speak about love and speak the truth, anywhere we go, in our regular lives, then people will be drawn to listen to us. God will place the right people in the right places at the right times. I think the problem is that most Christians do NOT speak about Love or Truth in our everyday conversations. IF we all just did that, there would be sufficient evangelization to spread the Gospel like wildfire. Instead, we spend most of our daily conversations on worthless things, like news, sports, gossip, or entertainment.

  • Peter

    Legion of Mary, a Catholic lay organization, has been doing door-to-door evangelization for the last 90 years. So sorry, but the premise is simply not true..

  • Hirduin

    Correct. The Legion of Mary has used this method for years. The premiss of this article is wrong. And that priest seems a little ignorant of how the Church has done door to door evangelism. This is wonderful. I hope it catches on again.

    Frank Sheed also used to preach in Hyde Park, too.

  • Anita

    It’s fine to try to pass our Catholic faith on to others, but I think we need to evangelize our own first. Many Catholics are sitting in church on Sunday, merely because it is a”duty” to, or they want to be sure they will get to Heaven. Evangelization is about sharing with others how to seek a relationship with Jesus for all time, not just when we want a favor or need something from Him.

  • Michelle

    True !! The Legion of Mary has been going door to door for 90 years..So, if you would like to practice your faith and led others to the Blessed Mother and her son Jesus, then join or ask your parish to hold Legion meetings. Its very rewarding when you work of the Blessed Mother..

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  • Phyllis Poole

    I don’t think the Mormons or Jehovah witnesses have left a good impression on people either, by interrupting people at home and trying to push their religion on others.
    The best way to evangelize is to talk to everyone you contact, in shopping, or any other contact when you’re away from home, about the “times”. Everyone is upset about what’s happening. Mention prayer. Also mention that many things said against the catholic faith is wrong. Mention that our faith came straight from God through Moses and Christ didn’t change much except He took the place of the lamb. Get people thinking and asking questions that they want answered. Get them asking questions!

  • Sophie

    I agree about the Legion of Mary. I am seeing first hand how they work as most of my friends are members here in my parish. BUT they do door to door mostly for those who are already Catholics like giving Holy COmmunion to those in the nursing homes or bringing our Blessed Mother to the homes of other Catholics and rarely to lapsed Catholics What the article wants to emphasized is a full out effort to reach beyond our comfortable borders. Really making it our primordial mission in our mind and hearts when we wake up first thing in the mornings.

  • CM Roberts

    Paul and the first Christians DID GO HOUSE TO HOUSE. God’s word the Bible states at (Acts 20:17-20): 17 However, from Mi·le′tus he sent to Eph′e·sus and called for the older men of the congregation. 18 When they got to him he said to them: “YOU well know how from the first day that I stepped into the [district of] Asia I was with you the whole time, 19 slaving for the Lord with the greatest lowliness of mind and tears and trials that befell me by the plots of the Jews; 20 while I did not hold back from telling YOU any of the things that were profitable nor from teaching YOU publicly and from house to house.

  • CM Roberts

    AMEN! GET PEOPLE ASKING QUESTIONS…. Then, SHOW the answer in the BIBLE. Show them the Trinity in the Bible (it’s not from the Bible). Show them where the Bible says we should worship saints or Mary or pray to them (it’s NOT from the Bible). Show them where the soul is immortal and if you’re condemned by God you’ll burn in eternal hellfire (that’s not in there either). So what exactly are you going to tell the people you meet? What if they ask about all the child molesters and scandals that have come to light? What will you say to explain that away? I’m just wondering…. I was raised Catholic and have been away from the church for over 30 years. What would you say to someone like me?

  • CM Roberts

    Oh, one more question: You say, “the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses have left a bad impression….trying to ‘push’ their religion on others”. Do you consider the Apostles as “pushing their religion on others”? Or were the Apostles following Jesus command to find the people who were hungering and thirsting for truth and tell them the “good news”? If this is a command from Jesus to ALL his followers would you say Jesus was “pushy”? People don’t have to listen nor even open the door if they don’t want to be bothered. It’s a free country….

  • Grace

    I would understand your leaving, because the education that many of us got as Catholics wasn’t very good. But as an adult I learned that Bible alone is not in the bible. And that the Pillar and foundation of truth, the church is in the bible. In Maccebes, a book removed from protestant bibles mentions praying to the dead, or for the dead. We are taught that WE are one body, and just because one passes from this life to the next doesn’t seperate them from the body of Christ. So we seek their prayers or pray for them. Also, the scandals are horrible not to be played down. The gates of Hell will always TRY to prevail against the church . There are many holy Catholics, but the church really is a hospital for sinners, and not a hotel for saints. I would never encourage someone who has been traumatized by abuse from a priest as a child to come back to the church. I know that special soul must be nurtured by a healing God in a way that feels safest to them. I hope this helps.

  • Mike

    To CM.
    When a Baptist asked me if the scandals and child molesters shaked my faith in the catholic church I responded that it shook me but not my faith. I said my faith is in Jesus Christ and the church he founded because I know what the church teaches. If we are christian because our faith rests upon the faith of others we are christian for the wrong reason.

    Come back -study what the the church teaches -live by faith in Jesus.

  • Bernadette

    Francis had no authority to wash the fee of women. Jesus did it to his 12 apostles, who were to be the first priests. Although Jesus had many women followers, it is men he chose to appoint as priests. Jesus could have chosen women as priests, but HE did not.

    It is a novelty introduced by this new pope , whois defying traidtion in the church. Men and women are equal, but have different roles. Francis is trying to please men, not God. As a Catholic, I already see red flags