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  • gilhcan

    Nothing unusual about this at all, in fact, Boston College should be praised for standing up for what is sacred, the innocence of young people and Enda Kenny. That is more than the Vatican or any of its bishops have done in all the years since the Great Exposure of 2002 and for many generations before.

    If any religious group in the Catholic Church might save that church, it is the Jesuits, the same group that manages Boston College. One of their community is now pope. Let’s hope Francis follows in the tradition of truly defending what is sacred, like young kids and the U.S. nuns against their invasion by his predecessor Benedict and his henchman, William Levada, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith..

    Kenny is a good Catholic, and has stood against the ugly sins and crimes of the hierarchy in his country. That is truly following Jesus, “The Model of the Holy,” so what’s the big surprise about Boston College honoring Enda Kenny?