• We’ll miss your round-ups Dan!

  • aj4coco

    I’ll miss your style! Wishing you the best!

  • Kathy Lovin

    Thanks for all the great Religion News Roundup over the years. I’ll miss your’good work.

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  • Diane Bitting

    Your last roundup? I’ll miss reading them. Will you still be with RNS?

  • Kevan Scott

    Thanks for your great writing with Religion News Roundup. I hope whereever you end up I will be lucky enough to be able to read your work. Thanks,Kevan

  • Daniel Burke

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. After seven years at RNS, I’m leaving to co-edit CNN’s Belief Blog. Thanks as well for reading the roundup; it’s been a labor of love.

    Daniel Burke

  • Diane Bitting

    Best wishes. I will, however, miss reading your excellent stories on RNS. I’ll have to check out the CNN blog. Good luck!.

  • Really-O?

    Fellow posters –

    We seem to have a new, rather churlish and power hungry, moderator on this blog. His name is Daniel Burke, a new CNN employee, and he is abusing the power of his position by deleting posts, not because they are offensive or frivolous, but simply because he, personally, does not enjoy the ideas expressed in the posts. This is abuse of power and I believe we should all protest by emailing our objections to CNN. Join me if you will.

  • Really-O?

    Sorry, Mr. Burke is not a moderator on this blog, he is a new moderator on CNN’s belief blog.