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  • John McGrath

    Perhaps the new expert on his staff will help jovial Cardinal Dolan to master the art making snarky, brainless comments to stir up hatred against Obama and others. I think it’s about time for Rush Limbaugh to convert to Catholicism along with Newt Gingrinch and Roger Ailes, head of Fox “News.”

    We now know that the Vatican wants to communicate only with right wingers (a Fox News expert controlling its communications) and taht the New York Archdiocese wants to do the same.

    So much for a Catholic Church for the poor. Back to a church for wealthy reactionaries who despise the poor.

  • gilhcan

    It’s no surprise that Timothy Dolan would find someone he admired, someone sympathetic to his domination of the U.S. bishops, among the extremists associated with Sarah Palin. “Birds of a feather flock together…”

  • Aleta Jary

    Sorry, I just do Facebook… “LIKE” “FOLLOW”

  • Old Dude

    Wow the liberals are marching in lock step this morning. It is OK for them to express hate .. just not PC for others. They like to hate Palin and they like to hate R.Catholic Bishops (and Popes as well). So they take license a spray it. (We must pray for them .. so they can learn to manage that impulse). The Catholic Bishops are making a good effort. Palin is a good woman albeit not an atheistic liberal. She can help them and they need help. Now the liberals prefer zoftic Michael Moore or luny Cindy Sheahan. (which proves that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder)