• Garson Abuita

    Yes, citizenship can be removed from naturalized citizens. It has been done in the past in terrorism cases, although more frequently for Nazi war criminals. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_denaturalized_former_citizens_of_the_United_States
    No, local preference has no standing to block a federal death penalty case. There are federal capital cases proceeding right now in states like NY that do not have the death penalty.
    My sense is that in denominations that oppose the death penalty for legal reasons, like actual innocence of the defendant, mental issues, or racial disparity, will have little to say here. But those like the Catholic Church that always oppose it will also oppose it here and that is what the cardinal was expressing.

  • gilhcan

    Are we supposed to accept this as news about religious people and their behavior? A good study of the history of religion will show it is very consistent, but it always leaves one wondering how such vengeance and other evil can coexist with the claimed good of the human endeavor we call religion.