God of Thunder, God of Rain

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Lightning from Shutterstock

Lightning from Shutterstock

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As I look back on my own life, I see a few periods of dark storms, even thunder and lightning. There were periods where the storms of life came, events that shattered me, or at least shattered my sense of who I was. At the time they seemed to last forever, and it was hard to tell the difference between myself and the suffering. Then they were gone. Those pains were always followed by merciful rain.

  • Deane

    Wow, what an awesome meditation, Prof.

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  • Judy Russo

    I read the Quran and felt that there was too much womanization in it for me. Most Muslim’s stated to me that they did not agree. Yet, how am I seemingly limited while I am the educated woman compared to many of them. Just not in the Muslim faith. If Allah is the God of Thunder and Rain than why do Muslim’s participate with Satanists and other people that they are apparently majorally against to perform a terroristic behavioral study upon me unfairly? I became angered by all of the hypocrisy. Can you help me to understand this? I am confused.