Thursday’s Religion News Roundup: G-O Cheerleaders * Santa Muerte * Jesus tattoo

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C'mon, who can resist this face?

C'mon, who can resist this face?

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(RNS) This kid needs more guacamole (and here's how you can help). Bible-quoting cheerleaders in Texas score a win, Santa Muerte is blasphemous and an artist decides to get tattooed with Jesus' 39 lashes.

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  • As the God father of those perfect cheeks–and daily reader of the Roundup, I guess I have to represent! So I am in. Who will join in matching my $100 gift? But I am taking the swag!

  • John McGrath

    Sheldon Whitehouse is simply articulating a Calvinist fundamental principle (also very Jesuit, somewhat Catholic and Anglican): We are active agents here by God to govern this world justly and wisely for the greater glory of God. Where did this “God directs our every move move” business come from? Oh, wait, it comes from the belief that religion is all about saving one’s own soul.

    Sheldon, in combating that passive religiousity, use the phrase above: We are active agents put here by God to govern this world justly and wisely for the greater glory of God.

  • “We are here to do God’s work.” — Actually no. You are there to do the work of your CONSTITUENTS!!! You know, us human beings who have to live on this planet. Stop using God to to argue against or for the environment!!!! God is imaginary, fix the environment for the good of the people. Thanks you!

  • Diego

    This comment is unnecessarily nit-picky. He meant “Here” in the general cosmic sense, not literally here in the Senate chamber. Also the statement was a counter-argument, spoken in the hypothetical, and using the same internal logic that those of the first assertion supposedly subscribe to.

  • Earold Gunter

    One can only wonder if God will answer the believers prayers on the Supreme Court’s decisions on gay marriage, and the Catholic archbishop in Puerto Rico trying to keep his job. Likely will have no affect at all.
    Mr. Obvious