• Albert Bryson

    As a District Deputy for the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal organization for Catholic men has a youth program for young men between ages of 12 and 18 called the Columbian Squires. It has a program similar to the Boys Scouts. I earned my Eagle Scout Award in 1969. As of now, I will no longer associate myself with the Boys Scouts and would work to promote the creation of Columbian Squires with every Knights of Columbus Council.

  • Mrs. Mari LaCom

    I am so disappointed in the Boy Scouts of America. My son loves being in the Boy Scouts and was going for his Eagle by May 2015. I guess NOT anymore.

  • Rhonda Gordon

    How about ATI Alert Cadets?

  • Terry johnson

    I was a a Boy Scout, Explorer Scout and a Life Scout. I am also a former Scoutmaster, a job I thoroughly enjoyed. I am saddened and disturbed by what has happened to the Boy Scouts of America, and their acquiescence to political pressure. The one institution in this miserable country that I believed would stay with its core principles, and it to has succumbed to the “progressive” immorality that plagues our country.

  • Steve Jordan

    It’s just a matter of time before the homosexuals join these groups too. They are already attacking churches calling them bigots, homophobics, etc.

  • chris moran

    If you think this country is miserable then why not leave? Please.

  • Amy S

    My son was set for eagle as of March/April 2014…we arent very sure what we will do now.

  • Mark

    This county is becoming “miserable”, but instead of just running away we are trying to make it better by fighting back against the homosexual sinners.

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