Harold Camping may be facing doomsday, but not the one he intended

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harold camping

California radio evangelist Harold Camping said the world will end on May 21, 2011 -- a figure he based, in part, on when he believes Noah entered the ark. Photo by Kimberly Winston

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(RNS) Two years after radio evangelist Harold Camping erroneously predicted the end of the world, his California-based Family Radio has sold its prominent stations and let go of veteran staffers.

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  • For what he did, Camping and his ministry should’ve faced criminal charges.

    It’s telling that, while many in his flock were selling all their assets and spending down their retirement savings, he wasn’t doing the same. If he really believed his story, why wasn’t his ministry liquidated, with the assets distributed to the poor, by May 22?

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  • Shana

    It is not for man to know God’s design. Camping, like Pat Robertson, suffers the grievous sin of Pride. Arrogantly proclaiming to know God’s will and portraying himself as favored by our Lord was his downfall.

  • Melody

    Whether one believes in God or not, is irrelevant.
    We can all agree as Christians, Buddhists, Agnostics, Atheists…etc, that it takes a lot of prideful audacity to make any kinds of “prophetic” predictions.
    Harold Camping’s predictions were a joke, but let us not forget the other new age prophets,who made other ridiculous assumptions about the meaning of the Mayan calendar aka December 21rst 2012.
    I remember not so long ago, when bookstores sold tons of titles on the subject, and Youtube users posted silly conspiracy videos about the end of the world.
    Unfortunately, there will always be money hungry egocentric people to trick the credulous masses.
    Observing such phenomena, should hopefully push individuals into making more conscious decisions regarding their budgets. In the event that such a silly prediction is made again, should we really feel sorry for the suckers who blow their money?

  • Robert

    “Talkin bout what he don’t know..on the Devil’s radio”

  • Chris

    The Rapture did come on that day for people like him…. 🙂 The Rapture of his money cry out for thy money lol.

  • David

    Camping’s prediction was wrong…but we should not throw stones to him. We should be humble ourselves as we all could do the similar misunderstanding of God’s word everyday. “Who art thou that judgest another man’s servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.”

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  • Jared

    Maybe, but somehow I don’t think he actually believed in his own story. He was trying to scam people out of their money, not warn them of something he believed has God’s word.

  • Dea

    I would like to humbly respond to a few posts here. To Shana, Melody, it IS for us to know Gods design, and it is NOT arrogant for us to know his will. But pride and disobedience, like other sins, keep us from a true relationship with God and from knowledge and understanding. Why single out Harold Camping or Pat Robinson? In my observation, not one televangelist gets it right…not one. The percentage of true Christians in the world is probably less than 5%. Satan deceives the whole world. The vast majority of the worlds Christian religious leaders dont KNOW sound Biblical doctrine, therefore they cannot teach it to you. You might be angered and disgusted if you really knew the truth. Even the most reasonable and educated people will fall for the nonsense being taught in the Church every Sunday. And Sunday is not even the Sabbath it was changed by the Catholic church. Not by Gods authority. And Protestant churches still follow Catholic practices. Churches get paid to keep their members in fear of God so they will keep coming back to listen to more heresies and lies. Tithing is club membership dues…not payment to God. God has no need for your money for false ministry. Churches even advertise on billboards all over the freeways to spread their messages of fear so they can recruit more members to get more money. We wont even take the time to read the Bible for ourselves and find out whats true and whats not. Our Western traditions and our holidays, even the ones we think are Godly, according to the Bible, are evil. Businesses make the majority of their profits when they sell on holidays. Its all about money, honey. The love of MONEY is the root of all evil. Scamming people out of their money for false beliefs is also not a new practice..lot by a long shot. Its been going on in Christian history since the days of the Old Testament. Just take some time to read from the book of Deuteronomy to Lamentations. Oh and Melody according to the Bible it does matter what religion that you practice. The God of the Bible stands alone. And EVERYTHING else is idolatry. Thats why God separated the children of Israel from everyone else. Nearly everything he teaches is direct contradiction to all other religions. But by the time Jesus came, Israel had forgotten their God and were doing back then almost exactly whats going on in the world today. Combining paganism with Gods religion. The Jewish leaders got tired of Jesus challenging their authority and decided that it was time for him to die…as was Gods PLAN and WILL, so that we could all be saved from permanent death in the end. Religious deception continued on after the death of Jesus and his disciples…throughout the Middle Ages and on til today. The only difference between the common church today and world paganism is the name Jesus Christ.

  • MNIN

    It’s not “sin of pride” that failed here, Shana. Camping is not some person who believes God whispers in his ear because he’s “wonderful” and was forsaken a the last moment because he sinned in God’s eyes. Nope. It’s a much simpler story. Camping is a scammer who grifted a group of suckers out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Nothing else.

  • Andrew

    Dea open your eyes… All of you Christians are out of your minds. Do you realize the fairy tale you guys are believing in? Why believe in something that has absolutely no evidence, and for that matter, if you have read the bible and actually pay attention to what you are reading, you realize how big of a scam it all is. The scam artist is not Harold Camping, The scam is organized religion itself. Churches collect billions of dollars in donations, because idiots are blindly doing whatever the church tells you. Its a system of control. Wake up people

  • Mike


    There is actually a lot of evidence supporting the deity of Christ. I would direct you to Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell.

  • Linda

    Amen Dea. Good word.

  • Gary

    Mr Camping was wrong on these topics but correct on many others …you my friend couldn’t hold a candle on his biblical knowledge…The world is still going to end soon ..you can mock him now but I assure you ..you won’t later…Camping was the BEST…May God forgive you

  • Gary

    I’m sorry but Mr Camping didn’t act better than everyone else… God did say you better watch for HIS coming…If you don’t …you won’t be going with us…You better read more!!

  • Reginald Harris

    Harold Camping was wrong, pure and simple. He is a false prophet and anyone who follows him is a fool.

  • Joel Gonzalez

    My respect to Harold Camping,.
    He was wrong only on one part of his teaching, but CORRECT on everything else.

    It’s so bad that I can’t listen to his immense knowledge anymore .

  • Darlene

    Gary… Yes, the world will end one day, and man will probably be the cause, but no one but The Big Man Himself truly knows if it will be in 1 year or 10,000 yrs. If you are left feeling like a sheep with no wolf to follow, send me your money, and I’ll gladly rustle up a new dooms day prediction for ya! A sucker is born every minute, they say.

  • Darlene

    Andrew, very well said! However, I myself do believe there is God, and while I don’t believe the Bible is wrong, I do believe that man will always find a way of twisting things around to suit his need for power, control, and greed. Jesus himself represented none of those things.

  • albert

    Evidence That Demands A Verdict …another money making venture

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  • Kak man !!!!!!!

  • Dr. P. Sword

    Think about it: Harold Camping’s beliefs are no more bonkers than yours!

  • Harold Camping has taught the word of God faithfully for many years. I believe what happened in the prediction was confusion that may have been brought about by his advanced age. He deserves our forgiveness and God’s mercy, not condemnation.

  • Dana Faccini

    I feel real sorry for the camping followers,it is fanatics like you that have caused all the problems on this earth,Over 2000 religions and all of them think they are right.Everybody else are evil.Thats what has caused most humans to kill other humans.Im tired of religion,YOU ARE ALL WRONG

  • Eye of Isis

    Well said!!!

  • D.Lewis

    Amazing enough, no matter what has or has not happen here, i do know that Mr Campings way of teaching Gods word, has infact lead me back to the Bible and Gods Word! I also see that these events have also brought each and every one of you to Gods Word or you would not be here speaking pro or con.. Bottom line with gods Wirds Mr Camping did reach many a peoples and Gods words was with them all did not matter if you except, believe, dis believe.

  • D.Lewis

    I agree! Perfectly ssud!

  • WintersWar

    I recall harold camping after his failed 94 prediction…he scolded callers when they asked if there was a future end time date, he barked “we should never ever make predictions about JC’s return” he did it again.

  • R.T.

    Camping’s error was believing that because Satan’s spirit is in the world competing with God’s for the hearts and minds of men that the Antichrist had, in effect, already come. That threw his understanding of the timetable off. He/many forgot that Satan has a localized body presently bound up in the pit-Tartarus (behind the throne) since the crucifixion. When the attempt to form a global social-welfare state under man collapses (the 1st Beast of Rv. 13:1), followed by a worldwide economic depression, Satan will get booted out of heaven bodily onto the earth- at the 6th Trump, 6th seal, and 6th vial of wrath poured out (666). He’ll pretend to be the returning Christ [(“…Satan himself is transformed into- The Messenger of Light.”)II Cor. 11:14], “anti-” carries the idea of substituting for, or, in place of.
    It’s likely this will take place in 2018 which is the 70th yr. since the creation of the state of Israel. Since there are 3 yardsticks for a generation- 40, 70, 120, this will seem to add credence to his claim (Mt. 24:33-35). The world situation is such that economic collapse is pretty much assured within the next few years.
    “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” (2 1/2 mo. between May-Sept.)
    As for Jesus’ return I’d say 2068 or there abouts, for the above reason.

  • alfred nolan

    friends ,we all short of gods glory .Should not judge but pray for him and ourselves .because god will judge us all. We should study his word we responsible for own salvation . thanks a.nd pray for me and our world

  • Shaji Chacko

    If TIME had a beginning then surely it will have an END. When it’s going 2 end no 1 knows? That’s a big mystery, irrespective of mankind want 2 accept it or not.

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  • Billysees

    I had Family Radio on my car radio for over thirty years. It was WFSI , 109.7 FM here in the Baltimore area. I think it was around 2005 that he began to talk nonsense about churches being dangerous places to be. I didn’t know why he would say such things. But I reckon he did his best to “stick to what is written”.

    His radio ministry did play some of the best Christian music available. Most Christian radio stations are very political. He tried to stay away from that.

    To me, he simply encouraged and informed.

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  • dougo

    where are you all going? the biblical picture of the end of the world is Jesus returning to complete his kingdom and renew his creation. the only picture of people being taken is in judgment – I hope that’s not where you think you’re going!