Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Cardinal exiled * Theo-Trekkies * Tebow’s future

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Photo from the new Star Trek Into Darkness movie courtesy

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Does Cardinal O'Brien's exile mean there's a new sheriff in the Vatican? Praying for Kermit Gosnell's conversion, not his death. The theology of Star Trek, explicated, just in time for the new movie...

  • The best penalty would be for Dr. Gosnell to forced labor in favor of LIFE.

  • A question to all the Pro Lifers?

    where are you when this life is born:
    in squalid conditions
    to a drug addict
    in poverty
    sold into human trafficking
    to name a few issues Life has to face, when conceived
    and not wanted or able to be cared for as a Human.

  • “Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien, an ardent opponent of gay marriage, created a scandal just before the conclave in March when it was revealed that he had a series of affairs with men.”

    Hilarious! And predictable. Haggard’s Law rears its ugly head again.

    “will the Gosnell trial change the abortion debate in this country, as abortion foes are hoping?”

    Why would the abortion foes see this as ammunition for their side? With Gosnell, we’re seeing a post-Roe world where abortion is illegal.

    You don’t like Gosnell? Then work to minimize unwanted pregnancies by making sure teens are educated about how to not get pregnant. (I think that saying, “Don’t get pregnant!” isn’t working, even with a stern finger wag.)

    “after the nonprofit Graham ministries weighed in for Mitt Romney in last year’s election”

    Franklin Graham can’t understand what a promise is? You get nonprofit status, and in return, you promise to stay out of politics. And if that’s too high a price to pay, don’t be a nonprofit.

    I thought Christians understood things like keeping your word … ?

  • Billysees

    Excellent commentary —

    anne and Bob Seidensticker

  • JimPop

    Great statement… what’s the point? If you’re not going to stand against all injustice… don’t stand against any?… or… you fight to get them born and then don’t care for them?… or… let’s decide who should live and who shouldn’t based on my idea of quality of life?

    I’m just curious as to where this holier than thou statement is going…

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  • Old Dude

    Cardinal exiled: at some point the R.C. church has to realize that celibacy is a destructive policy. It is not a Christian doctrine (it is a 1st and 2nd century heresy). It has practically destroyed their church. Abortion doctor: we are told not to judge one another. He is despicable (for sure) and so is the practice (abortion) but we can only pray for them (on judgment day there are only two directions of travel — in or out). Christian persecution? Well yes it does happen (with license). The IRS versus Tea Party is an example of how the left takes license to ..impose itself .. because they go spastic when others do it. (they know what they are doing)