Quote of the Day: Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson

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“Here’s the secret. Stop talking (about) the cheating. He cheated on you, well, he’s a man.” — Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, responding to a viewer’s request for advice on how to move on after her husband cheated on her. He added: “What you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn’t […]

  • carol

    Right! Blame the victim! She should move on by kicking his ass out of the house and finding someone who won’t make excuses for his behavior.

  • gilhcan

    This country has seen few “preachers” more radical and less literate than Pat Robertson. Given his history, one has to suspect he is knowingly, purposely using his exotic interpretation of biblical religion only to make himself wealthy. The history of religion is loaded with the likes of Robertson. They are no different than circus sideshow hawkers. Remember, Robertson’s father was a U.S. senator, and as is plain to see, especially today, our Congress is overloaded with Pat Robertson’s type.