Thursday’s Religion News Roundup: Twitter hell * Wiccan Must-Haves * Veggie Values

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image of carrot cake via Emily's Recipe Page (

image of carrot cake via Emily's Recipe Page (

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(RNS) See, I knew it: Twitter really is of the devil. Do you know which religion considers carrot cake an essential ingredient for rites and rituals? And Pat Robertson dispenses marriage advice to women.

  • Laurence Charles Ringo

    I find myself continously astonished as to why anyone,ANYONE would give someone as senile and befuddled as Pat Robertson a platform from which to air his sick,non-christian views.Really,RNS?? Please,just let him spew his demented drivel on his own network,both and paid for by the extorted funds of his gullible and naïve sheep;the man is an absolute disgrace to the Christian faith! I almost feel sorry for his”yes-men”(or women) co-hosts,who must kowtow to this ignoramus’nonsense for a paycheck;how do you look at yourselves in the mirror after each showing of this dreck,Terry and Kristie? And Robertson’s son Gordon is as dumb as a box of rocks and more boring than watching paint dry!! At least Robertson,as silly as he is,is mildy amusing with his idiotic pronouncements on this and that;if he leaves Gordon in charge when he dies,that will spell the end of the”700″Club,and frankly,good riddance!! (Not wishing death on Pat,just the”death”of a program that’s sunk into farce and idiocy!)

  • Rabbi Hillel Katzir

    Correction of the item about Israel’s (female) “attorney general” in the story about Women of the Wall: the article refers to Tsipi Livni, who is the Minister of Justice, a political position which is analogous to the United States Attorney General; but in Israel, Attorney General is a civil service post in the Ministry of Justice and is currently held by a male.

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  • russell leisenheimer

    “Reports out of China say a Tibetan monk was beaten to death by Chinese police after two cassettes of the Dalai Lama’s speeches were found in his room. People still use cassettes?”

    at the risk of appearing humorless, the murder of a tibetan monk at the hands of chinese authorities doesn’t strike me as something that should be joked about