Troubled Missouri diocese to pay $600,000 abuse settlement

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Bishop Finn Abuse

Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Mo., has become the first U.S. bishop to be charged with failing to report the suspected abuse of a child. RNS photo courtesy Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

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(RNS) The Catholic diocese in Missouri led by Bishop Robert Finn, who was convicted last year of failing to report a priest who was taking pornographic pictures of children, will pay a $600,000 settlement to the family of one of the priest’s victims.

  • gilhcan

    And the Vatican keeps Robert Finn in his job! Part of the revolution–not the reform–of the church must be that the lay people of each parish select their own clergy from a pool of academically credentialed candidates with an option for dismissal on constitutional grounds, and the lay people and clergy of each diocese together select their own bishop with an option for dismissal on constitutional grounds. Of course, priests and bishops should be female or male, single or married.

    That’s how it was done in the early Jesus communities before the non-Christian Roman Emperor Constantine took over the “church” at his Council of Nicaea in 325. That practice has been very successful with the Reformation churches. And it would immensely reduce the work of the non-functioning, wasteful, corrupt Vatican curia.

    Listen up, Francis! But it’s too bad that one person is still considered so powerful at the top that no real input from the people of God means anything. That is precisely why corrections must come from revolution, not reformation.

  • gilhcan

    “…one of the priest’s victims.” Are there more shoes to drop? And guess who’s paying out all those funds?

    The payments are deserved, don’t get me wrong, but the clergy don’t donate to parishes or the diocese. It’s the pew warmers who fill the baskets with their hard-earned dollars.

    And those sexually abused young people belonged to those pew warmers, not to the clergy at the altars and pulpits, not to the abusive clergy, not to the bishops who criminally tried to hide the crimes of their clergy and themselves.

    When are we going to recognize and admit that celibacy by demand makes no sense, but it does make for a very disturbed, sick, hypocritical clergy.

  • gilhcan

    The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph also faces eventual bankruptcy. That is just and good. Finn, every priest, and every lay person connected with this outrageous abuse and injustice should also be forced into bankruptcy, a bankruptcy that matches their spiritual bankruptcy.

  • gilhcan

    PS: Guess where Finn and all the other cover-up bishops got their directions and orders? The Vatican runs the bishops and the dioceses of the church. Bishops don’t make a single move without absolute certainty of their approval by headquarters.

  • David Thompson

    They just need to make all Boy Scout Leaders priests. Then they won’t have to worry about gays becoming leaders and what that might do to BSA. This way, you know exactly what you get from that old time religion.

  • David Thompson

    The Vatican should have to pay, if the diocese goes bankrupt. It’s just a shell game and the community are the losers.

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