COMMENTARY: The revolution is upon us

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(RNS) Religious historians say that every 500 years, Christianity goes through a "massive transition,'' as Phyllis Tickle puts it. We aren't likely to comprehend this latest transition until it is further along. But two things are clear: Christianity in North America is being freed from its own roots, and Christianity no longer controls the flow.

  • David Thompson

    How people adhered to religious beliefs less than 100 years ago is still understandable, but any major claims that have been made by the holy books, regarding factual information, have been disproved in the last 75 years. Unless of course you close one eye and do a back-flip; then maybe it’s still believable (not). It’s amazing it’s lasted this long after The Origin of Species and The Descent of Man. Apparently there is nothing people won’t believe and nothing that they can’t deny.

  • truthman

    The United States is controlled by Jews. Jews control the media, hollywood, magazines, banks, and politics. Jews own the publishing houses and print the school textbooks. A lot of these public figures of other races are members of the secret society “Freemasonry” including Julian Bond. Freemasonry is controlled and led by Jews. This is about power, and protecting the Jews who have taken over all white countries. Jews view the white race as their enemies because the white race are the only ones who stand in their way to obtaining total world government control. The Jews want to make whites a minority in their own countries. Jews call any whites who bring this up racists because they don’t want white people to have political power. The Protocols of zion is the Jewish plan. All Jews and their freemason puppets of all other races are enemies of the white race. They are the racists. They hate the white race, they hate Christianity, they hate white traditions, they don’t want the white race to be independent. Jews want to dominate the white race. This is war, a race war. The Jews who have the power call the other races that they dominate racists. The Jews are pathological liars. A pathological liar is someone who lies to get what they want no matter who it hurts. White nationalism is the only logical response to this political domination by Jews in all white countries. This is about POWER! Whites must take back the power in their own countries. The Jews must be thrown out of power and freemasonry will be outlawed. If you don’t want whites to have power in their own countries, the you are a anti white racist and enemy.

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  • Gerald Ostroot

    I agree that the church thought it could stand still. It is a tradition bound institution and tradition is old knowledge. It has failed to keep up with the new knowledge provided by science. This has been fueled by two traditions, that of ‘inerrancy in the Bible’ (actually theirBbible interpretation) and that ‘God is in control of all events’. I could add the ‘Doctrine of Original Sin’. All are loosing credibility in our modern world. As a result the church is loosing its authority. The people are finding that science is more in tune with our modern world. Science is becoming our new authority. And the church has been fighting to retain its ‘old knowledge’. The answer, as I see it, is to join them rather than deny their findings. It is possible to do just that with some new interpretations They have already been suggsted. They are just not public knowledge as yet. Gerry

  • MM Boone

    And the mighty shall fall…
    We tend to forget that we are only a Christian nation because we usurped the spirituality of the people who lived here first. We spread the word that they were wrong and we were right. Then we set up barriers like a palisade that no one could commit the same atrocities to us that we had perpetrated on the First Nation’s peoples that we encountered. What a double edged sword!