Quote of the Day: Mari LaCom of Chatsworth, Calif.

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“Our family are evangelical Christians. This is the reason our church will no longer be chartering our troop or have Scout Sundays. What do gay Boy Scouts grow up to be? Gay Boy Scout leaders.” — Mari LaCom of Chatsworth, Calif., after the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay boys to be members.

  • Is it possible that the Boy Scouts could play a pivotal role to influence the outcome of that expectation? In the absence of gay adults, positive role models have the potential to reinforce a more balanced approach to sexuality. This is an educational role that religious groups could support without fear of censure. I trust that that the Boy Scouts are not condoning homosexual activities, especially within the ambit of the organization, and if our children are well-prepared on a spiritual level, it may be the best that they can do in service of their fellow humans. Of course, all of this is null and void if they are ultimately swayed to accept gay leadership.The Boy Scouts have erred on the side of wisdom and now,must learn from their error.

  • Mari LaCom

    Retraction/correction : As an evangelical Christian, I hope my church will pull the charter of its Boyscout troop, but as of this date, they have not yet done so. I did not have authority to previously state that my church will definitely take this action. I regret my wording because it was misleading, as if our leadership has already decided.

  • Mari LaCom

    Dear Jo Zee,

    The bottom line is that there will be overnight camping in the Boyscout troops.
    This puts the straight boys at risk to be propositioned or molested; especially from an older gay boy to a younger straight boy. The Boyscout organization and local leaders don’t have to condone this behavior for it to be a great risk.