Will there be a ‘mass exodus’ of religious groups from the Scouts?

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(RNS) Now that Boy Scout delegates have taken their long-awaited vote and permitted openly gay Scouts, will there be a mass exodus by religious groups? It depends on who you ask.

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  • A. Boog

    Nobody of any real faith should allow their boys to join.
    It is beyond time to take a stand.

  • Bobg

    So now it will be necessary to supervise bathrooms to make sure that same sex attracted youth are not propositioning the normally sexually attracted boys. And as for the hope of same sex attracted leaders, look what happened to the Catholic church when it did not restrict same sex attracted priests, according the John Jay School of Criminal law study 80% of priest sexual acting out was between priests and post pubescent males. And BSA wants to repeat that stupidity? We should respect people but be honest and say some behaviors are appropriate and some are not.

  • Ted

    My son will definitely not join the boy scouts now! They are going to the dogs! Too bad –

  • Bobg

    So some will say this is not about permitting behavior change in the scouts but it is about permitting those who openly acknowledge they have same sex attraction to be enrolled in the scouts. And I can imagine many scouts who are trying to get a good night’s sleep in their scout tents, being suddenly awakened by the smell of a camel with it’s nose just getting inside with incredibly bad breath!! The truth being that the Catholic church, of which I am a member, respects all people, including those with same sex attraction but it is clear that some acts are morally wrong. So now how do the scouts admit youth who acknowledge same sex attraction but yet still teach that these acts are morally wrong if the attractions are acted on? And how do the scouts think the “homosexual activists” will react if the scouts try to set limits on behaviors? We Christians are told to be “wise as serpents” and sadly we must realize that we will never please those who want to hold onto their sins and we put ourselves at risk if we try to compromise with them. I think the scouts would have taken more heat if they had said we will allow those who struggle with same sex attractions but we we will be clear with them that we consider those behaviors to not be “morally straight” and those behaviors will not be permitted by scouts under any circumstances.

  • Isaac

    It is unfortunate that the book you base so many of your beliefs in, is only a collection of lies and suppositions with no factual basis. But don’t take my word for it, look it up for yourself.

  • Martin

    Isaac – what book are you referring to? If it’s the bible you are referring to – there are quite a bit more documents besides the bible that show Jesus was real. It is a historical fact. Take your own advice and look it up for yourself.

  • Bobg

    And it doesn’t take the Bible to know same sex behaviors are wrong. A basic lesson in reproductive human biology should show the meaning and purpose of the human sexual organs and same sex just doesn’t work!

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  • Julia

    Why don’t they just go the whole hog and have scouts mixed sex.

    Lets face it, if you put homo’s in with the group, you might as well be putting girls in, and tarty ones at that.

    I wonder how long it will take the progressive parents to work that one out. LOL

  • Oldscore

    @Isaac – what book? The Bible? The Bible is a collection of books. So, already your lack of knowledge shows. If you wish to assert that the Bible is a “collection of lies and suppositions” then you need to prove that, which, as expected, you have not done.

    But, you ask that I have faith in YOUR word. Ummm…….no.

    Good luck living without Truth.

    You’re like the coyote in the old Roadrunner cartoons that runs off a cliff but doesn’t realize it until he puts his hand down through the dust cloud and finds the ground lacking – except you haven’t done that part yet.

    When you do, you might just find out how silly you look.

  • Gary Sellars

    Perhaps the many Christians who have been told “we like perverts more than you and your God” will form a new organization and name it, “Real Boy Scouts of America.”

    This is nothing but an orchestrated move by perverts. Boys of an age to enter the Boy Scouts (11) are NOT sexually perverted unless they’ve been molested by a homosexual child molester or come from an ungodly family.

    This is just one of the multitude of evidences that perverts will never be content until they can have sex without repercussions with any child they want, anywhere they want.

  • bthomas

    I am an Eagle Scout. I am thankful for the experience of Scouting. The BSA corporate body has decided to debauch Scouting. I will no longer support Scouting. I will not vote for my local church to continue its support of the local troop. They are welcome to go elsewhere. Sad. But actions have consequences. And the actions of corporate Scouting will now produce consequences that will have to be faced by those who lead Scouting at the local level. Had the representatives had sufficient backbone to stand up and refuse to be forced by homosexual activist to accommodate their agenda, Boy Scouts would have retained the support of the overwhelming majority of members, etc. The homosexuals are not interesting in supporting Boy Scouting. They are only interested in using the BSA as a tool to advance their agenda. That is all.

  • Matt

    It’s so wonderful to see the bigoted christian institutions being torn apart finally. Hopefully in the next few years the Scouts will come to their senses and allow the gays to lead as well. The archaic books that the christians follow are so full of holes and hypocrisy that it is bound to be left in the footnotes of mythology. This is the dawning of a new age of reason and understanding that must be nurtured so that one day all men will truly be viewed as equals here in the states. Maybe one the atheist will also be allowed to join the Boy Scouts as well.

    Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Oldscore

    So, riddle me this atheist: Why is it wrong to harm people?

    Let’s make it easier – why is it wrong to harm people for *fun* – like the Romans used to do?

    As you reject of religion, please no religious references.

    As you reject other people’s opinions, no opinions of yours can be accepted.

    Just a nice, tight and neutral scientific proof is all that is needed.

    I eagerly await your “new age of reason” response.

  • Matt

    There are no absolutes to what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s all relative to the social upbringing bestowed upon the individual through family upbringing and what society dictates as the norm. If you are brought up under violent circumstances and are taught that there is nothing wrong with harming another individual than you more than likely will inherit this view. What we see as taboo and social depravity in another culture can be seen as the right thing to do by another. Humans are social animals that have a pact mentality. The more enlightened ones see that to do harm to another can cause irreparable consequences to oneself as the others clan might seek revenge. Emotions can be be swayed and transferred into another outlook rather easily as society evolves. Nothing is written in stone when evolving human mentality. There are many wonderful psychology and human interest books written on this subject that go back as far as the time of when Socrates and Aristotle walked this Earth. I highly recommend that you take a gander at them.
    Have a good one.

  • Matt

    Sorry, I meant to say, “The more enlightened ones see that to do harm to another can cause irreparable consequences to oneself as the others clan might seek revenge.” and “Nothing is written in stone when involving human mentality.”

  • Oldscore

    Boring. You offer no proof that it is wrong to harm people.

    Instead you claim that there is no “right or wrong”. Surely you see that if you cannot prove whether it is right or wrong to harm people, that all other opinions fall to the same sword?

    If I don’t like you, and just kill you because I don’t like you, according to you, that’s *NOT* wrong? Really?! That is a form of bigotry taken to a violent end.

    Is not bigotry wrong? You seem to think so (original post), and yet at the same time, deny that it can be (1st reply post). You are very confusing.

    So, let’s start higher up the value chain — Is bigotry right or wrong?

    I gave you the example of the Romans, because the Romans harmed and killed and enslaved others for fun – and did so quite successfully for centuries. In fact, the pagan Romans blamed the fall of the Western Empire on the Christians due to their opposition to blood sports. So, don’t bother with the “I might get hurt if I hurt others” mantra. A cursory review of History will show how that idea is seldom followed by people that have power over others.

  • Matt

    There is no proof that harming others is wrong. It’s much like a paradox, there is nothing comparable to cement it’s foundation as fact. I am comparing right and wrong in a social tense. We live in a world governed by social laws so consequences come forth from that. I use the term bigotry in the social aspect as well. I know of Roman history and what had transpired there but that was of their culture in that period of time. I said, “This is the dawning of a new age of reason and understanding that must be nurtured so that one day all men will truly be viewed as equals here in the states.” as a step in the right direction of equality that our constitution guarantees to all individuals. I can see that you have no wiliness to take in what I have typed by your, “Boring.” opening so I will just leave it at that.

  • Oldscore

    Ha! Your stupidity never stops.

    Was it wrong for me to say “boring”?

    How about me calling you “stupid” just now? Was that wrong? Can you prove that?

    NOPE – there is no right or wrong in your world….

    I asked you a simple direct question, is harming people wrong? Answer….”I won’t answer” (using a lot of words).

    I asked you a another simple direct question, is bigotry wrong? Answer….”I won’t answer” (using a lot of words).

    Interestingly, you refuse to give an answer, yet your posts are all full of hatred toward people that don’t like perverts and atheists.

    Why do you react like that?

    According to you, it is IMPOSSIBLE that we Christians are wrong – so why get mad about it? Why be hateful and angry? There is no reason for it (in your worldview).

    But, you don’t give up do you? Falling back to the Constitution is your next line of defence. It is of no avail. The Constitution granted people the right to discriminate – freedom of association and all that – we can hang out with whom we like – in business, in friends, and in organisations. Sadly, the Congress has been passing laws that limit my Liberty in favor of forcing me to accept and be inclusive of, perverts, losers, rejects and other undesirables.

    Were they right to do so? Or wrong? Oops! You can’t answer that question either, can you? There is no “right or wrong” in your world…

    I conclude, then, that it was never wrong for me to label your post as “boring” (and most recently “stupid”), unless, that is, you wish to prove otherwise…

  • John

    Major fail! Procreation os not a prerequisite for marriage. Same old talking point without substance

  • John

    references relating to boys are not homosexual without being molested or come from ungodly family? Nope. Just more rhetoric from the right

  • John


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  • Dan

    You clearly know nothing about what Scouting really does. The BSA has several programs, including some that are coed. Even traditional boy only Boy Scouting allows female leaders.

    Scouting has strict guidelines about any sexual interaction between anyone, male or female, during activities, and fraternization between leaders and youth during and outside of scouting activities. Its not allowed! Period. Scouts are no more likely to be propositioned while on activities then anywhere else. And you are kidding yourself if you think these people weren’t there already. Its not like they give you a lie detector test and ask if you are gay.

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  • LadyA

    so because Christians stand by their beliefs and faith you call us bigoted? how ignorant.

    We have faith and believe in our God and His word. who the heck are you to tell us we are wrong and bigets? nothing but a human who will answer to God in the afterlife. We are tired of being walked on by people like you and are taking a stand so deal with it

  • LadyA

    ““We’re absolutely not telling them you have to endorse homosexuality,” he said. “You may not deny that membership based on that one characteristic.””

    if you all attack churches for pulling out there funds then yeah you are telling us we have to endorce this nasty sin or be labeled by the leftists.

    I hope this destroys the BSA. you made a bad bad choice by doing this and turning your back on God….Guess now you will alter His teachers to make it better for your purpose too

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  • Mac

    If this is ever going to fly……then the only way Church sponsored scout groups will be receptive to it (such as the 4,000+ chapters of the BSA now meting at Baptist Churches) should be IF the openly gay scouts repented and admitted homosexual I try is a SIN, and sought “change” through it’s also with it’s church based chapter of there’s BSA….which of course would mean sincerely asking God’s forgiveness.
    Otherwise the Church couldn’t possibly entertain even the IDEA of condoning the ACT of sodomy/homosexuality with no repentance, and simply allowing the “openly gay situation”
    to thrive in a church environment.
    The only alterative I for those 1,000’s of BSA chapters to find ottther places to hold their meetings.