Coalition to protect religious freedom shows its fault lines

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At the National Religious Freedom Conference in Washington Thursday (May 30), advocates included, from left, Amardeep Singh, director of programs for the Sikh Coalition; the Rev. Eugene Rivers, pastor of Boston's Azusa Christian Community and senior policy advisor to the presiding bishop to the Church of God in Christ, and Shaykha Reima Yosif, founding president of Al-Rawiya, an organization that advocates for Muslims women. RNS photo by Lauren Markoe

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(RNS) A national conference on religious freedom reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the coalition that fears an erosion of religious liberty in the U.S.

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  • Peter Paul Fuchs

    Whatever one may think of the seriousness of the issues raised by some of these participants, which I just watched in C-SPAN, I thought the simple ignorance about the fundamental history of anti-semitism, ironically exhibited by Rabbi Abba Cohen himself (!), cast the whole affair in a doubtful light. For Cohen said at the outset of his talk that those in history who engaged in violent anti-semitism were just evil men-of-action, and not “spending their time thinking about Natural Law”. This is a vastly false statement. And it is especially ironic this panel was hosted Catholic toastmaster Raymond Arroyo. For indeed, the Most Catholic Kings of Spain and their advisers were obsessed with Natural Law, as were the members of the religious order which ran the Holy Office of the Inquisitor eventually. Does Rabbi Cohen not think that a Dominican, a follower of Thomas Aquinas, who ran an organization that persecuted many Jews was not interested in “Natural Law.”?? Or is a convenient sop, for political purposes for the Rabbi, worth forgetting the real history of his own people. Was this panel about religious freedom, or just fuzzy delusion?? I ask this as the son of a Holocaust survivor. Pray tell, Rabbi. Perhaps he will say he meant the Nazis, and that Hitler did not read Thomas Aquinas. Not big news. The persecution of the Jews started long before that sir,

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