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  • Joyce Willis

    Everyone should check this out for the TRUTH.


  • M. Reynolds

    Let us not forget the beloved Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Bernardin who began to bring sexual abuse of minors by priests into the light around 1992.

  • A couple things:

    1. Is Michael saying that the issue of Catholic abuse “still hasn’t been addressed fully today”? If so, is he kidding? Has there been an issue that has been more relentlessly bludgeoned into the ground by the media than this one?

    2. Michael writes that the Boston Globe was the first to bring “national attention to the clergy sex abuse scandal.” Sorry, but this is untrue. In fact, in 1993, the issue was *very* widely reported by the Globe, NY Times, and many other outlets (like “Donahue”).

    But most notably, the issue was profiled on CNN during an infamous one-hour special called “Fall From Grace,” hosted by Bonnie Anderson, in which a man named Steven Cook tearfully and emotionally claimed that he had been abused years earlier as a teen by Chicago’s Cardinal Bernardin. In a nutshell, it turned out the accusation was completely bogus. Cook recanted.

    Some claim that the media got cold feet about reporting the issue in light of the Bernardin episode.

    But in 2002, the Globe’s coverage of the issue was widely spread and abetted by the sweeping use of the Internet, which did not exist in 1993 nearly to the extent as it did almost a decade later in 2002.


  • “If so, is he kidding?”

    Probably not. The hierarchy has yet to address the very important issue of what to do with bishops who have erred.