Syrian civil war forces Sunni and Shiite Muslims to pick sides

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Syria independence flag flies over a large pathering of protesters in Idlib. Photo courtesy FreedomHouse via Flickr (

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(RNS) Whether the battle will be contained to Syria is in doubt now that Islam's two major strands have taken sides against one another, threatening to spark a wider war that is centuries in the making between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

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  • These rebels Islamist have demanded that the Christians convert, leave, or die and have stated that all Christians in these rebel territories will be cleansed and they are being used as human shields, their churches and homes are being destroyed in terrorist attacks and that their being shot down in the street as well as other Muslim groups. So if the rebels win the war based on the John McCain theory . how many refuges will we have in the Middle East.. I don’t support Assad but I’m not sure what were supporting here.


    Dear brothers and sisters:

    Please do not deceive and do not be deceived. Please read the following website and tell everyone in the world to read it. Tell them that they have to join the party of God if they want to end up in heaven or stay with the party of the Devil and end up in hell fire and burn alive forever. There is no exception and there is no other choice. The All-Mighty God would send His friends, the members of the party of God, to heaven and His enemies, the members of the party of the Devil, to hell fire. The All-Mighty God’s friends are His friends, friends of His friends are His friends, and enemies of His enemies are His friends and the All-Mighty God’s enemies are His enemies, friends of His enemies are His enemies, and enemies of His friends are His enemies. Thank you and God bless you all.

  • Umar Solim


    O LORD! Show the Muslim World The Right Way.

    The Muslims are divided into Brands, and further split into various Sub-Brands. Those who call themselves Muslims just can’t enjoin what is Right, and forbid what is Wrong. They have twisted The Message, which calls for Knowledge and the Homo-sapiens’ Welfare. Not only that the so-called Muslims are in total denial of their self-inflicted disease, also they are pushing our Splendid Beautiful Global Village toward untold miseries.

    I wish you all Peace, La Paix, Shalom and Salaam
    Umar Solim