Archbishop Myers Speaks!

Under cover of the Memorial Day holiday, Newark Archbishop tried to put the Fugee scandal behind him by throwing his vicar general under the bus and blaming “operational failures” and/or “vulnerabilities” for the fact that the “strong protocols” of the archdiocese were not always observed. Right.

High tea on our Alaska cruise in May 2011 (author photo)

Say It Now. Do It Now.

But there was a piercing sweetness in my grief, a gratitude that I held nothing back in my relationship with my mother. When there was loved be expressed, I said the words. I gave the hug.

Quote of the Day: Mari LaCom of Chatsworth, Calif.

“Our family are evangelical Christians. This is the reason our church will no longer be chartering our troop or have Scout Sundays. What do gay Boy Scouts grow up to be? Gay Boy Scout leaders.”
— Mari LaCom of Chatsworth, Calif., after the Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay boys to be members.

The Scouts’ threat to church norms

Yes, the decision by the Boy Scouts to open its doors to gay boys but not to gay men is an awkward compromise, but social progress often proceeds by awkward compromise. The fact is that it is now officially possible to be both openly gay and, in Scouting lingo, “morally…straight.” And that’s what’s got conservative religious leaders’ knickers in a twist.

Al Fox, the "Tattooed Mormon," appeared on the cover of the March/April issue of LDS Living.

Mormons, Tattoos, and Judgmentalism

How many times do we need to blame the victim before Mormons as a people realize that judgmentalism is a sin whose wage is death? How many young adults do we need to lose before we admit there is a problem?