• Aquila

    I am so disturbed to see this kind of violence of all places in Turkey. This is the only Muslim country I thought knew how to balance religion and politics. I pray that this violence ends soon, in sha allah.

  • fucker

    When the religious lies stop and religion exits social life ,and remains only in the heads of those who want to believe in lies,then the state will have another enemy to gfight.it self.it is hard for authority to stay in touch with the people.it is the peoples duty and right to check on the state and ask questions and demand solutions.it is just for the people to demand safe life ,from all aspects,enviromental or other.so if a state chooses to sell out to the few profit hungry investors sacrificing the benefit of the many ,this state deserves to be demolished at once.Let the people wake up ,sto p spreading the religious idiotic ideas and bring people in front of their true responsibilities to themselves.we are responsible for everything that happens in our life,so we better learn how to deal with this reality instead of promising to people a help from abovre that will never come.and for those who still have questions about where we came from ,kee searching in the privacy of your own home.but dont epect me to pay for your temples,priests or what have you.for no religion.