• Leo

    Is this really surprising! Islam has with provocation been trying to conquer the West since its early inception in about 632. It went to Spain in about 716 and was stopped in Tours (Poitiers) France. This action on Islam’s part was well before any crusade in 1099, and the crusades were a reaction to Islam’s usurping the Hold Land. See “The Case for the Crusades,” by Rodney Strong.
    One simply needs to follow the chronology of Islam and the way through the ages and up to now that it has treated Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and Christians.

  • Leo

    Correction, obviously I meant WITHOUT PROVOCATION

  • mm

    Al-Qaida magazine is pure Israel/US propaganda. If there is one they made it to keep the enemy “real”. The only “real” enemy sit behind big desks. There is barely an ounce of truth in this article, all propaganda and lies.

    You are a fool if you believe.