• I really hope these movements are sincere, and if they are, I hope they spread. Improving public education is a must, and I will take support in any way possible to make that happen. I just worry, given the evangelical history, that soon we will hear “well, we helped build this, let us teach creationism”, “we helped fund this, let us hold Good News Clubs”.

    If they are able to come into a school and not mention their belief or use it as leverage later, than I could support this.

  • Doc Anthony

    Even after-school “Good News Clubs” are to be avoided now? Not one word about “See You At The Pole” events? Gotta shut up totally, even on Christian extracurricular activities that the courts clearly allow, and let the secular powers that be do ALL the talking to upcoming generations of public school children? Really?

    Well, let those evangelicals (or whatever label) who favor that particular approach, practice that approach. And let those evangelicals who favor other approaches, practice theirs as well. There are different ways of supporting public education,it would seem.

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  • Katrina

    Amen! It is much preferable to lead by example and let your life and actions bear witness to your beliefs. Jesus led by serving. Selfless love helps others and expects no reward. Our broken school systems need help and volunteers, not more criticism and hatred. The kids are our future.

  • Jayvans

    So Doc, you’re basically saying that your philanthropy comes at a price. Is the only reason that you do good in the world is with the expectation that you will be able to indoctrinate more people into your way of thinking? Isn’t helping your fellow man enough? Jeez…..even the followers of one of the nicest guys in history have a hidden agenda now!

  • Av8or

    People doing good for the sake of doing good don’t expect anything in return. If they expect anything in return, they are not doing good for the sake of doing good, they are doing it our of fear or selfishness.

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  • Richard Pierard

    as an evangelical I advocated this for years and was belittled as a “liberal”. I am pleased to hear younger voices saying this.

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